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Gameday - September 27th - Steelers @ Rams

edited October 2015 in Steelers
Bell back.  Hopefully there isn't much to Shazier's shoulder.  Maybe Scooby can actually kick one through the uprights in a dome.  Rams tend to be a bitch at home.  Line of Rams (-1) makes me hella nervous.


  • Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger are something special.
  • St L's D, particularly the front 7 are awesome. Offense, not so much.

    Baltimore's D particularly their secondary is not so good.  Their offense is much better than St L's.  

    Gonna be a really tough short week.  Really hope to see Ben again this year, even if it is a long-term mend.  Guy is in his prime.  Really hate to see that happen.  
  • Stupid hit by Barron and probably worth a fine but not a malicious low hit. Just unfortunate
  • Not good to see Shazier's arm in a sling.  Does not bode well for Thursday.  

    Defense came up big enough.  Will Allen had his splash play that was a game saver.  Tuitt had a nice, noticeable first half.  

    Speaking of "Allen," Cortez Allen has to be a sure cut after the season.  Can't get on the field the past two games and didn't show much the one game he was in.  Guy can't cover.
  • Mike Mitchell does not have an INT yet as a Steeler. Will Allen's was the first for a Steeler safety since late 2013
  • Only thing I will say about that hit was that when Brady got hit like that, they changed the rules. Ben, not even a penalty. Of course, Ben got his face smashed in by Ngata and no call then either.  Hope it wasn't as bad as it looked - and hope Vick can pick up quickly. Looks like he needs some reps. He may have been 5-6, but was lucky to avoid two turnovers.
  • It was an ugly 5 of 6. Will help to get Bryant back in two weeks.

    Very rough day for the OL.

    Hit was kinda similar to what KVO did to Palmer years ago, right? Shoulda been a flag on Barron but Ben is rarely the recipient of those calls.

    Glad to get a win. Need another one this Thursday. I would use Deangelo more than what they did today. Get both he and Bell on the field at the same time.
  • Mitchell is too busy posing after a tackle when the opponents convert a second and 18, so he doesn't have time for INTs
  • Saw that and thought the same. Some Rams' D player did the same thing later in the game. I don't get it.
  • Ugh, and the award for the Most Unceremonious Win in Week 3 goes to...
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