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This is the new MGS. It's a work in progress :) If you've tried to register but couldn't, please try again, it's fixed. Apologies!

MGS Board Update

edited May 2015 in General
I'll be restoring the old posts as time permits. Unfortunately, the most recent posts will be through 3/14/2014. Yes, I lost the last year, my bad. But go ahead, sign up and post if you wanna.


  • Penso just made me aware that it was impossible to sign up, so thanks for that.  It's fixed now.  Haven't worked on restoring the posts or any CSS stuff yet.  But none of these things will stop us from posting now.
  • I was wondering what had happened. Glad to see it's back up and running.

  • Good to see you, sir!
  • This is like some zombie movie where one by one the survivors trickle in…

    "I just don't trust that Finny guy.  Something in his eyes, it's just not right.  It's like he lacks… the ability to see midgets as human… or something."
  • Whew, made it
  • Holy crap what happened to my face????
  • Fucking spammers.  Thought the new board would help wit dat.
  • So happy to see all you guys signing up!  I need to find a way to keep the fucking spammers off the board.  I'll leave it open sign up for the rest of summer then I'll switch to email requests or something.
  • edited June 2015
    So, this board is supposed to do tweets and facebook stuff:

    And that doesn't look like a tweet.
  • So, what's going on with the old site?  Ever coming back?  Officially bust?  What happened to it?

    Somehow, I'm sure Penz is responsible...
  • I haven't sat down and fixed it yet.  The last year was lost, but 3/14 and previous is retained.  It's just a matter of matching the two dbs together, not really an easy task.
  • Just checking in.

    Fooseball is right around the corner.

    And...*sniff*...I miss my MGS family...*sniff*...
  • What he said. Difficult to find this thread amongst all the others
  • Preseason has started! Gotta love starting with your third stringer at QB. And losing Suisham royally sucks.

    On the bright side, Bell suspension cut to two games.

  • Couldn't log in under the old handle.


    Will check back to see if the site gets back to normal-ish.

  • So, I guess the board is dead?  No flak at you, Jonzr; you've done a man's job keeping the site afloat the last few years.  

    I will miss it if so.  Great board, loved everyone on it, except otis, who always had to be such a dick.
  • I posted to the MGS facebook page. I might be able to set up a new site. Will post it here if I set it up
  • We sing Michael Vick and no one will know because the board is down.......
  • Vick and Joey Porter in the same locker room should be interesting. 
  • Lock up your horses
  • And Martavis Bryant will miss 4 games due to SA suspension
  • Aawesome work today boys
  • Ok guys, my apologies.  Will do my best to clean this shit up and get it somewhat normal.  

    aj, scac, pens are all mods now so if y'all want, get in there and either allow or disallow new people.  

    I regret how this turned out but I'd like to get it back so we can post and chat and such.  

    FF?  Let's see.
  • Shamarko looks awful. Sitting at the game and he looks terrible
  • edited September 2015
    Scobee good
  • I hope we hit the waiver wire hard for backups.
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