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Sketch 101

I'm taking a sketch writing class at the Dallas Comedy House.

So we're supposed to write for 10 minutes every day.  Harder than I thought.  And who knew I had these people in my head? 


So I asked Syd if she'd like to see the Fat Whites (Fat White
Family) with me next Monday.  I'm anticipating a strange evening. 
They're noted for their debauchery and it's Monday so who knows what
could happen.  I told her, they're the musical equivalent of
"Shameless", she loves that show.  I mean, they're a train wreck of a
band.  They could OD at any moment; it's like that.  Or that's how
they'd have you believe, who really knows?

been to shows at Dada where I'm one of twenty people.  Actually, I
don't mind that.  But while these guys aren't necessarily blowing up
(see earlier postings of Sturgill Simpson, I totally called that), I
never know how to gauge the potential turnout of the hipster crowd. 
Although, frankly, I'd welcome a hipster presence over the hyper-douche
bro contingent. I truly hate those fuckers.  While the hipsters may be a
bit annoying, the bros are a scourge. 

Heh, I really shouldn't be telling you this - so let's keep this between us.  Really, man.

actually lured two bros into the alley before.  You get 'em back there,
guard down and BAM!  Toss 'em in the dumpster.  Never heard anything
about either one so all that TV bullshit where you gotta dissolve the
body in acid, not so much.  Just toss that shit in a dumpster.  I guess
somewhere, there's a cadaver on top of a mound of compost or some shit.
 No matter to me.

But yeah, I'm really looking forward to
seeing the Fat Whites next Monday with my kiddo.  Who knows?  Maybe
we'll correct some hipsters. 

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