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Gameday - September 13th - 9ers @ Pittsburgh

edited September 2015 in Steelers
Don't feel great about this one but luckily it is at home.

The miscommunication on defense was pronounced last weekend. Vernon Davis is pretty good. Fortunately we don't play Brady every week and kaepernick is no where close to that talent level.

Would be nice to have a few batted balls by the DL with at least two turning in to interceptions.

This offense will be awesome with Bell and Bryant back. Next week, split bell out wide with Deangelo Williams in the backfield. Get the talent on the field at the same time often


  • Steelers D has made it a 3rd and goal from the 33. Of course the "and goal " isn't great but it is how they respond at this point
  • edited September 2015
    This is a flag happy ref crew
  • Most impressive on Deangelo's TD run was the OL block (maybe Foster) who absolutely demolished a SF defender.
  • Also glad Wil Johnson was not the short yardage back
  • Man this D today
  • Shazier having himself a day.
  • Helped by SF failing to maintain control in the EZ but that was one hell of a stand inside the 3 yard line by this D. Owning the trenches
  • 0-4 on challenges from HCs today
  • Both personal foul penalties were shit. Timmons on Boldin and so was Shazier on Bell
  • Boykin with a nice breakup in EZ
  • We knew the offense was going to move the ball. Ben to Brown is basically unstoppable. But was impressed with Shazier for the first time. Hope he can stay healthy and continue to progress.
  • OL was great
  • In a word --- "Impressive."

    Been awhile since we've seen that kind of performance.

    I enjoyed those goal line stands.  The defense showed some real punch.

    And, I really enjoyed the fact that they kept their foot on the accelerator...I had no idea they were allowed to throw the ball when they had a 20+ point lead.  *eye roll*

    Dat balls all around.  

    Wonder where the Haley bashers are hiding?  Not really meant as a jab to anyone that frequented our board, just a general statement.  Don't see anyone complaining about how "he was a terrible choice for OC" or "they should've kept HairyArms" or "Haley and BR can't stand each other" now.
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