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next 4-6 weeks...ugh

Prior to the injury, the next part of the schedule was setting up for us to really make an impact. 5 of 7 at home, with road games at SD (winnable) and KC (tough but winnable). HOme games against desperate Ravens team, Cards, Bengals, Raiders, Browns. Could have been 7-3, 8-2 range. Now we may potentially play our entire home division schedule with Ben out if he is slow to recover.

If team doesn't respond, we go from probable division winners to missing playoffs, because last 6 games won't be a ton of fun. At Seattle, Denver, Indy, and 3 of last 4 are road division games. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Only consolation is we may actually be healthy by then, but might be too late.

Saving grace may be that the defense has not yet shown to be as bad as feared. Granted, two wins were against weak opponents, but said weak teams did not score much. And we gave up "only" 28 at NE, which right now is looking pretty impressive. They will need to play over their heads for the next several weeks.

Short week hurts us, because Baltimore is desperate for a win, and knows a lot more about us than Vick knows about us. He needed more reps.

By the way, I'm getting deja vu. Ben coming back just in time for Raiders, rusty and not himself, bad looking loss.


  • #7 has always been a somewhat fast healer, but things change dramatically when you're on the wrong side of 30 (don't even get me started on what happens north of I know why Finny has been so crabby all those years...)  Shit just doesn't happen as quickly as you'd like.  I also think that's why there's some mystery behind the timetable for his return.  They really don't know what to expect...could be 4 weeks, could be 8.

    In my head, I'm thinking he comes back after the bye in Week 11.  That gives him 8 weeks off and a realistic 2 week window during weeks 6-8 to "get back in game shape."  Doesn't help matters that his welcome back game would be in Seattle, but nothing you can do about that.  You play who's on the schedule.

    In the interim, hope the team can scratch, claw and punch their way to a .500~ish record, maybe 6-4 if they're really lucky.  Then, they get their leader back and air it out those last 6 games for a playoff push.  Get into the tournament, get hot at the right time and make as much noise as possible.

    Things could always be worse, I suppose.  They could've had to turn to Weeden.  Vick gives them...a fighting chance.  He looked pretty good last year when he led the Jets to victory over Pittsburgh...a brutal one to see in person.  Hopefully, he can summon some of that magic for the good guys for the next 6 or 7 games.
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