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Gameday - October 1st (TNF) - Ravens @ Steelers

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Let's go...let's GO!...LET'S MOTHERFUCKIN' GO!!!!!!!!!!


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  • My fear; Vick benched for Landry Jones
  • Steelers still don't tackle well. Moats had the WR for a loss and just flubbed the tackle.
  • No way we should have lost that-no way. Defense did more than enough to win. I don't know what the right decision was - I know the kicker had struggled - but one kick to win, I think you take it.  Scobee may not survive the weekend though.

    Just didn't execute enough plays to put the game away. One completion to Brown here, a 4th down conversion there and we win. I think Vick did what was expected - can't really blame him except that last throw should have been completed.

    That's a dagger - that loss may kill us this season.

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    Pathetic coaching. Should have gone for 2 at 19-7. Horrendous play calling by Tomlin and Haley in crucial situations. 

    But really Scobee lost their game with 2 misses at the end of the game. He should be cut tomorrow morning.

    Had a chance to bury the Ratshits at 0-4 and totally blew it. The team with BR blows the Ravens out. #7 can't get back soon enough.
  • Scobee is the goat and should be

    Stupid play calls on the incompletion to Brown and the run by Vick, both in OT. Short yardage to gain on both plays. Where is Leveon Bell? He has been getting positive yardage all night. Stupid to leave it in Vick's hands

    The preseason trades haven't worked. Scobee is likely gone this week and Boykin has a guy signed a few weeks ago playing ahead of him. Trades seemed good at the time but appear bad moves at this junction

    Tucker did what Scobee could not and what Tomlin would not. Seems fitting.

    Very tough stretch of games coming up.

    Not sure what happened to the offense in the second half. Defense was good despite giving up rushing yardage; they were eaten alive in the middle of the line. Sacks and turnovers were great.

    My guess is they would have gone for two with Ben. Could have used that Vick run to the short side of the field I guess....
  • I will say the D played generally well. Balty's O isn't very good though. Cam Thomas was getting blown off the line all game. It's too bad they rotate him in because he is consistently terrible.

    Vick didn't lose the game, but he didn't win it either. AB should have catch that long TD, but he was generally open and Vick couldn't get him the ball, as evidenced by their last offensive play. Gonna be a long 4 weeks.
  • Ben starts, we cream those fuckers.  

    Playcalling was a real treasure.  If Bell is the man, let him be the man: far more faith in him than Vick's arm.  And hell, DeAngelo ran it well, so of course they yanked him too.  Instead of going for trickery (NE, cutesy bullshit playcalling in OT), why not just show you can straight up win, out-muscle and out-hustle the deficient Ratties?  All for using unexpected plays, but when you're whuppin' someone just running straight at them...

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    Still recovering from this mess.  

    Have to say, it's a huge pain in the ass to get up and change the channel on the TV.  It ain't like the old days where you just flick it to a different channel.  There's the whole, guide, enter, scroll, scroll, enter, scroll, scroll, scroll...ah, fuck...back, back, exit...etc., etc.

    PSA for the day...good universal remotes ain't cheap.

    Seriously, considering they had 3 days and change to prepare Vick for this matchup, I thought they did a decent job.  Were there couple spots where they could've just kept feeding the Bell train instead of letting Vick throw?  Maybe, but I'm not going to fault them for being aggressive and trying to be unpredictable.  The players just have to execute better.  Period.  Make the FG.  Don't overthrow an open WR.  Catch the ball in the EZ when the QB puts it right on your hands.  Do.  Your.  Job.  I expect better execution and performance this coming week.

    Shame is they had this one right in their sights.  3-1 was a short hair away...and putting the Ravens in a 0-4 was the icing on the cake.  Going to SD this week in a very winnable matchup against a horribly banged up squad in the Bolts.  Anything but a "W" even with a Vick led squad is unacceptable.  That would've put them well on the road to being around .500 sans Ben because after SD, they've got some srs work to do.
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