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Gameday - September 10th - Steelers @ Pats

edited September 2015 in Steelers


  • I think the defense will be putrid but Ben can put up points, even without Bell and Bryant. Our OL will be of concern. Wallace didn't look good in the preseason
  • Patriots have a lot of new faces along the IOL.  If Heyward, Mac, and Tuitt can get some leverage there, maybe we can have Shaz and Timmons blitz the middle.  Not expecting much from the OLBs except when 92 is in.  

    Patriots also have a band of no-names in the talent positions on offense, aside from Gronk and Edelman.  But unless the D can get to Brady and find ways to figure out zone coverage with the safeties, might not matter.

    I'm haunted by how tepid our O looked in the playoffs without Bell.  No big-play Bryant.  But Patriots D isn't exactly the Ravens D, and D. Williams > B. Tate.  Going to need a solid game from AB (obv.), Heat, and Wheaton.  Going to need to slap, IMO, 30 on the board.

    Who I'm hoping shows up big:  Tuitt and Shazier. 

    Unexpected windfall:  deep kickoffs from Scooby.

    What I'm afraid of: no pressure on Brady, high completion %, complete anarchy CBs passing coverage to the Ss.  
  • Wasn't Ferrrrrrrrrrrrnando released?  Don't understand why they didn't kick the tires on that option.  He was a solid stand in couple years ago when Pouncey went down; prob has a decent rapport with Ben et al.

    Amazingly enough, both teams are very similar; solid QB, one big threat through the air, shaky IOL, porous secondary, decent front 7 (although losing Wilfork gives the edge to Pitt there), questions in the run game, etc.

    This game comes down to who makes the least amount of mistakes and who's the most efficient.

    I'm sure NE is playing up the "disrespected" angle and will play with a chip on their shoulder.

    I've got very low expectations so that tends to bode well.
  • Just swell to have Robert Golden playing defense.
  • Not a single guy in the secondary earning his paycheck so far tonight
  • How is no one covering Gronkowski?
  • And Scobee with a great start to his Pittsburgh career
  • No one in our secondary can cover. Not even Will Gay
  • Lots of poor tackling
  • What idiots in the secondary. Gronkowski has two feet to go before the white of the back EZ OoB. Mike Mitchell or Will Allen need to get their head around. YOU HAVE THE OoB AS THE "EXTRA" DEFENDER. Gronkowski has a very small window to catch in that position. Neither turned their heads and another TD for Gronkowski. Not sure what Butler and company did in the offseason.
  • I hope Dri Archer is gone when Bell returns. He has done nothing
  • Still cannot cover Edleman. Blake sucks.  Cortez Allen sucks.  
  • All World NE OL
  • I knew this defense would be bad but this is epic
  • Did I mention that Cortez Allen sucks?  PI in the EZ.  First and goal.
  • Keith Butler getting absolutely worked by Belicheck.
  • I dunno, why not just use the running back (Deangelo Williams) who has been running well all night?  Using Will Johnson as the permanent goal line back seems stupid
  • Who was holding for Scobee on the first two kicks?  Thought I heard it was Berry holding on the last two.  Who else would hold?  Vick?
  • Butler has glued every defender's head straight forward.  If Gronkowski is heading to the back or side of the EZ, turn your head because the ball is coming.  As I said earlier, it is essentially like having an extra defender.  
  • Why is Robert Golden still playing?

  • Tomlin knows this isn't the HOF game, right?

  • Should be happy there were no major injuries on our side, right?

  • Figured there would be growing pains on the defensive side with a new DC and a bunch of kids out there, but...god-fucking-damnit that was awful.

    They made an average Patriot team look great.
  • Good to be back...... As for the game, that was a classic Pitt/NE script. Bad clock management , kicking FG's on the road( and not even making them), getting close in the late 3rd/early 4th quarter only to have NE extend their lead, and picking up garbage yards and points. I was not surprised at all.

    The offense looks to be awesome between the 20's again this year, but the same old RZ deficiencies are still there. On the plus side, DeAngelo looks like a great pickup.

    Overall, this loss won't decide the Steelers season. It's a tough schedule, but barring injury to Ben, Bell, or Brown, I think they can put out a 10 win season.
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