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Fire Bruce Arians!
Apr 18, 14, 11:33 *
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News: The running game is soooooo overrated.
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1  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Fire Bruce Arians! / Re: Read this if you have the IQ; and don't throw a stone if you've never coached! on: Jan 11, 10, 09:28
If I saw the games correctly, I believe that all teams who won on Wildcard weekend, were the teams who could run the ball better, either by season stats (Jets, Cowboys, Ravens), or just by the fact that they have recently committed more emphasis to their run than in the past (Cardinals).  

Crazy.  Just crazy.  Can you imagine?  Teams who run the ball better, and who are more committed to the run, get into the playoffs, and win playoff games!  Even if a rookie Mark Sanchez is your QB.  That is crazy.  And I don't think any QB's got concussed.  Even McNabb without his center was only sacked 4 times, and they did not try to establish the run enough anyway, and that is probably why they lost.  Even the amazing Tom Brady and Bilichick could not overcome the inability to run.

I sure hope Tomlin, Ben, and Arians were watching.  Gotta wonder what the front office of the Steelers was thinking while they watched all those run teams win, after they supposedly asked Tomlin to fire Arians (according to Jim Wexell).  I hope they go to Tomlin again and reiterate their wishes for Arians to be gone.
2  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Name the Replacement / Re: now well see what tomlins made of! on: Jan 11, 10, 09:07
Actually, it looks like he had to check with Big Ben first, and he did, and Arians is staying
3  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Name the Replacement / Eric Bieniemy on: Dec 22, 09, 11:50
Eric Bieniemy is in his 4th season with the Vikings as RB's coach, which means he was there when Tomlin was there.  He has experience as a player and a coach.  He is obviously a run first guy, and he is a part of a successful offense right now, which is always a prerequisite to landing a promotion in the NFL.  That is the best I can come up with right now, but it makes some sense cause you know Tomlin will bring in someone he knows and likes, plus Bieniemy would have worked with Moore.
4  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Fire Bruce Arians! / Tomlin-Arians-Ben??? Time for Change! on: Dec 21, 09, 16:32
Love the Steelers, Love Tomlin, Love that Arians won a superbowl, love Big Ben.  But here are some things to consider. 

When Tomlin took the job, Cam Cameron (offensive coordinator of Ravens) and Hudson Houck (O-line coach of Cowboys) were both available.  These men are clearly studs of their respective jobs, if not the best in the business.  If you have not noticed, Ray Rice has gone from a next-to-nothing rookie, to the new Tomlinson.  I know that Bill Cowher is considered one of the best coaches ever or something, but if you paid attention, he always brought in excellent coordinators.  And I thought he did so in his first season.  Seems like a wise thing to do.  Didn't Cowher always say that whoever takes over his job, his only advice was to do it your own way, don't try to be like the coach before you?   I just can't figure why Tomlin did not even consider bringing in someone.  It just did not seem like he ever even considered new coordinators.  LeBeau probably stayed because the whole town probably would have outraged against Tomlin, and I sure am glad that he did stay.  But, to not look outside for a new O-coordinator was just strange. 

Got to wonder if it was Ben, and I think I have heard rumors or reports that Ben lobbied for Arians.  Does it ever work when a player gets the final call on a coach or coordinator?  WTF WTF WTF WTF!!!  That is the sound of me banging my head off of a wall and screaming WTF!!!!!!!  This is driving me crazy, as I am sure it is all of you.  Does Tomlin not have any connections, or does he not know anyone to bring in.  Does he not want this to be his team.  I am sick of waiting.  I want to find out if Tomlin can coach and create something that Cowher did not build.  Say what you want about Tim Couch (former QB of the Browns), but you gotta wonder what would have come of him if he had another O-coordinator other than Arians (I think I am correct about that). 

The Patriots and Eagles both cleaned house this offseason to get younger, and changed the face of the team.  While they may not be the best (that is yet to be determined), they are probably gonna make the playoffs this year, after that many changes in players and coaches.  Crazy.  It is time for Tomlin to do the same.  Make it your own team, even if it requires moving on from LeBeau and from the 3-4 defense.  But Arians must go, the three TE sets must go, the shitty fullbacks must go, the inabilty to run must go, the Big Ben maulings must go.  Completely fed up!   Change everything if necessary.  Just change, please!
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