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Fire Bruce Arians!
Apr 16, 14, 06:22 *
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News: Arians:  Not good enough for the Browns?
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1  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / Worn air jordans for sale Become A Fashion 2H9 on: Jun 03, 13, 23:49
John Tortorella was defiant in stating that the New York Rangers didn't take a step back when they were knocked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs in the second round.
General manager Glen Sather thought otherwise and fired the combative coach on Wednesday.
The fiery Tortorella was let go four days after the Rangers' season ended with a Game 5 loss at Boston to the Bruins. New York had reached the Eastern Conference finals last year and was considered to be a championship contender in this lockout-shortened season.
''I came up with the decision that I really needed to do something to improve our team going forward,'' Sather said during a conference call. ''Every coach has a shelf life. I've told every guy that I've hired that at some point in time this is going to change.
''Our goal is to win the Stanley Cup and we didn't achieve that goal this year. I had to make a decision, so I did.''
Tortorella was unexpectedly dismissed with one year left on his contract. In 319 regular-season games with New York, including a four-game run at the end of the 1999-2000 season, Tortorella went 171-118-1-29. He was 19-25 in the postseason, and reached the playoffs in four of five seasons after taking over as coach in February 2009.
''Every time a coach gets fired, it is a surprise for me,, because ultimately, we, the players, are responsible for our own play on the ice,'' Rangers backup goaltender Martin Biron told the Associated Press in a text message.
Tortorella, hired to replace Tom Renney with 21 games remaining in the 2008-09 season, achieved some success with the Rangers but couldn't match the Stanley Cup title he earned in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning.
Sather said Tortorella's contract status didn't factor into the decision.
''It wasn't one thing and I am certainly not going to speculate or start to criticize what happened with Torts and give you a lot of reasons why we decided to do this,'' Sather said. ''After the analytical work that we do every year at the end of the season,air jordans for sale, trying to decide how we're going to improve the team and how we're going to move forward, this is a decision I made.''
Sather didn't name an immediate replacement, but hopes to have a new coach in place by the June 30 NHL draft in Newark, N.J.
Former NHL coaches Lindy Ruff and Alain Vigneault could be candidates for New York. Sather wouldn't speculate whether anyone currently employed by the Rangers would be considered. The fate of assistant coach Mike Sullivan will be decided during the team's organizational meetings in June.
''Hopefully whoever we hire has a lot of the good things that Torts had and a lot of good things that Tom Renney had,'' Sather said. ''There are a number of good coaches around, and a lot of them have different qualities. It is a little tricky sometimes to find someone who has all those qualities,jordan shoes cheap, but hopefully that's what we're going to have this time around.
''I am certain that we're going to find the right person.''
Last season, Tortorella led the Rangers to 51 wins - the second-most in franchise history - and 109 points before they were beaten in six games by New Jersey in the conference finals. He finished his Rangers tenure in fourth place on the team's career coaching wins list.
The 54-year-old Tortorella got the Rangers back into the playoffs in this lockout-shortened season, and New York outlasted Washington in seven games in the first round of the playoffs before being knocked out by Boston.
''I felt this was a decision that had to be made going forward,'' Sather said. ''I think he was shocked, but he is a gentleman and he took it very well.''
Tortorella made curious comments on Monday when the Rangers packed up for the season, which could have led to his ouster. In his final meeting with reporters, Tortorella said his club wasn't emotionally ready to take on Boston after getting past Washington with back-to-back shutout wins when it faced elimination.
''One of the things, and it falls on my shoulders, is our team's mindset going into another round,'' Tortorella said. ''I don't think our mindset was ready to play another series and to the level you need to be at. It didn't have a playoff atmosphere.
''That's what I struggle with right now. I didn't do a good enough job in correcting and getting their mindset back to not only play at the level of a Game 7 in the first round but get ready for round 2, which is always going to be tougher.''
Even though the Rangers were knocked out earlier this year, Tortorella emphatically stated he didn't believe the team regressed.
''I know the surrounding feeling here is that it was a negative season, a disappointing season. I don't buy it and I won't,'' Tortorella said. ''There are some good things that happened. I don't think we took a step backward. I think this is a sideways step in our lineup and how things worked out.
''We played really well our last couple of months to get in, found a way to win a big series against Washington, and against Boston I thought we competed right to the end.''
However, starting goalie Henrik Lundqvist disagreed with that assessment. Lundqvist is entering the final year of his contract and would be eligible to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.
''It is a step back,'' Lundqvist said. ''We were in the conference finals last year, we had high expectations on ourselves this year. It didn't go our way, so yeah it is a step back. It's tough to make it there, though. You can't just expect it to happen.''
Sather said he hadn't talked to Lundqvist, but added the team's plan is to sign him to a new long-term deal.
The Rangers entered the 48-game season as a prime contender to win the Stanley Cup, especially after the offseason acquisition of top forward Rick Nash in a trade with the Columbus Blue Jackets.
After a slow start, the Rangers rallied to a 26-18-4 record and the No. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.
But New York struggled to score in the postseason, and Nash and Brad Richards were among the biggest offenders. Nash recorded only one goal and five assists in the Rangers' 12 playoff games.
Richards, who has seven years remaining on a nine-year deal, was a bigger disappointment and was a healthy scratch by Tortorella in the final two games against the Bruins. Sather said that move was an organizational decision.
Richards had thrived under Tortorella when they won the Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay, but he managed only one goal and zero assists in his 10 postseason games. Richards will likely also be gone from the Rangers, who can buy out the remainder of his lucrative deal and remove him from the salary cap that will go down for next season.
Tortorella is the career leader in wins by a U.S.-born coach with 410. He was an assistant coach with the Rangers in the 1999-2000 season and took over for John Muckler as head coach for the final four games.
Tortorella was then hired by the Lightning and he was their coach for seven seasons - compiling a mark of 239-222-36-38 and earning the Jack Adams Award as NHL coach of the year in the championship 2003-04 season.
2  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / Good jordan shoes cheap Supply More cPO on: Jun 02, 13, 19:59
The United Nations Security Council will hold a special meeting today (May 29) to discuss how elephant poaching in Central Africa may be contributing to escalating political instability in the region.
The Security Council session will be convened at U.N. Headquarters in New York City, where members will be briefed on how illegal elephant poaching may be tied to weapons proliferation and other threats to peace and security in Central Africa, according to a release from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF),air jordans for sale, an international conservation group.
"Poaching and its potential linkages to other criminal, even terrorist, activities constitute a grave menace to sustainable peace and security in Central Africa," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wrote in his report, which will be presented today's Security Council meeting.
The WWF hopes the U.N. Security Council meeting will encourage members of the international community to heed the secretary-general's recommendation, "which calls on leadership from Heads of State in Central Africa to incorporate efforts to combat illegal wildlife trade and poaching into national security plans and to treat it as a serious issue that requires urgent action and greater international cooperation," Crawford Allan, WWF��s lead on illegal wildlife trade, told LiveScience in a statement.
"The response has to be prioritized and integrated with other efforts to combat threats to security in the subregion and beyond," Allan added.
The secretary-general's report highlights the association between poaching activities and the Lord's Resistance Army, a militant group that is thought to be operating in parts of the Central African Republic. (The U.N. Security Council is charged with maintaining peace and security around the globe. It has five permanent members �� the United States, China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom �� and 10 nonpermanent members elected by the General Assembly for two-year terms.)
"Illegal ivory trade may currently constitute an important source of funding for armed groups," the report says. "Also of concern is that poachers are using more and more sophisticated and powerful weapons, some of which, it is believed, might be originating from the fallout in Libya," referring to the revolution that overthrew Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.
The U.N. report demonstrates the severity of the situation in a region that has been plagued by instability and violence since the beginning of the year.
"The spread of cross-border poaching in Central Africa and its links to sophisticated armed groups is alarming," Jim Leape, international director general of the WWF, said in the group's statement. "I echo Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's deep concern for the security of the region."
Earlier this month, armed poachers seeking ivory tusks killed at least 26 elephants in Dzanga Bai,jordan for sale, a protected sanctuary in the Central African Republic. Poachers are also believed to be responsible for elephant massacres in Chad, Cameroon and Gabon in recent months, WWF officials said.
A ban on ivory poaching was instituted in Africa in 1989, but according to the Wildlife Conservation Society,jordan shoes cheap, some 25,000 African elephants are killed every year.
In his report, the secretary-general urges Central African governments to take decisive action to punish poachers and prevent them from further eroding the region's stability.
"To ensure peace, security and prosperity in Central Africa, efforts must be taken at the highest level to combat wildlife trafficking," Leape added. "I urge the governments of Central Africa to strengthen enforcement and criminal justice responses to wildlife crime and to address the linkages between it and other international crimes."
3  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / The jordan shoes cheap Built For Fast Kou on: May 30, 13, 23:11
Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo said on Tuesday they would pull out of the eastern city of Goma in an apparent stalling of their drive to "liberate" the whole country.
However, the situation on the ground remained far from clear after the rebels' political and military leaders gave conflicting statements over their intentions.
The eight-month insurgency has threatened to develop into an all-out war in a region dogged by nearly two decades of conflict that has killed more than 5 million people and is fuelled by competition over mineral resources.
The Ugandan military, which has coordinated talks with the M23 rebels, said earlier that M23 leader Colonel Sultani Makenga had agreed to a plan drawn up by regional heads of state for the rebels to leave Goma within 48 hours, with no conditions.
But the political head of M23, Jean-Marie Runiga, later told journalists in Goma they would withdraw from the city only if President Joseph Kabila agreed to their demands. The Congolese government dismissed the chances of this happening.
"There's no division, General Makenga has said that we'll withdraw, so that's what we're in the process of doing," deputy M23 spokesman Amani Kabasha told Reuters by telephone.
"If we withdraw the force, everyone leaves ... It's not contradictory (to Runiga's statement). He said we were prepared to withdraw from the town but that Kabila must listen to us."
Kabasha said the entire movement would head 20 km towards the town of Kibumba, directly north of the city.
Makenga confirmed the decision to pull out from Goma to Reuters by text message, without giving further details.
U.N. experts say the M23 rebels are backed by Rwanda. The rebels captured Goma last week after Congolese soldiers withdrew and U.N. peacekeepers gave up defending the city.
Runiga had told reporters in Goma his forces would withdraw only if Kabila held national talks, released political prisoners and dissolved the electoral commission, a body accused by Western powers of delivering Kabila a second term in a flawed 2011 election.
He said Kabila's government was rotten with corruption, lamented the country's dilapidated roads and said Congo's only schools and hospitals had been left by Belgian former colonial rulers. He said any talks would have to tackle such issues.
"We are fighting to find solutions to Congo's problems. Withdrawal from Goma is not a precondition to negotiations but a result of them," Runiga had said.
The conflicting statements indicated a solution to the insurgency in eastern Congo, which has displaced 140,air jordans for sale,000 civilians according to the United Nations, was not close.
Lambert Mende, Congo's government spokesman, said the pullback was expected to take until Friday but that it was too early to say if it would definitely happen.
"We prefer to wait, these are not people who keep to their word," he told Reuters by telephone from the capital kinshasa.
Ugandan military chief Aronda Nyakayirima told journalists in Kampala the plan specified M23 would begin its withdrawal on Tuesday. Government troops would enter Goma two days later, followed by a visit by regional defense chiefs "to evaluate the situation and find out whether all these timelines were met".
No rebel soldiers were visible in Goma on Tuesday evening.
"We haven't yet seen any significant troop movements out of the city," Hiroute Guebre Selassie, head of UN mission in Congo MONUSCO's North Kivu office, told Reuters.
African leaders had at the weekend called on M23 to abandon their aim of toppling the government and to withdraw from Goma.
The Great Lakes heads of state also proposed that U.N. peacekeepers in and around the city should provide security in a neutral zone between Goma and new areas seized by M23.
In a potential further escalation, Rwanda said on Tuesday its troops clashed with Rwandan FDLR rebels who attacked three villages on its border with Congo.
FDLR spokesman La Forge Fils Bazeye said on Tuesday evening that his fighters had attacked Rwandan army positions on the border north of Goma.
"I want to confirm the clashes between our fighters and the Rwandan army, some of our fighters are still there, the fight continues," he told Reuters by telephone.
Rwanda has in the past used the presence of the FDLR as a justification for intervening in neighbor Congo. But the rebel group, which experts say has dwindled in strength, has not mounted a significant attack on Rwanda in years.
Rwanda government spokeswoman and Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo said they would not allow Tuesday's attack to interfere with the regional push to bring peace to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
"This morning's attack by the FDLR forces from their bases in DRC is clearly an attempt to take advantage of the volatile situation in Eastern DRC," she said in a statement.
"We will counter any violation of Rwandan territory by the FDLR and continue to protect our borders but will not allow today's fighting to derail the ongoing regional peace process."
Congo and U.N. experts accuse Rwanda of backing the M23 group in eastern Congo, which has big reserves of gold, tin and coltan,jordan for sale, an ore of rare metals used in making mobile phones.
That is denied by Rwandan President Paul Kagame who has long complained that Kabila's government and U,jordan shoes cheap.N. peacekeepers have not done enough to drive out the FDLR from eastern Congo.
4  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Fire Bruce Arians! / Got Involved New air jordans for sale YiF on: May 30, 13, 03:06
The jackpot for the Powerball lottery soared on Tuesday to a record $500 million and could increase again by the time the winning numbers are drawn on Wednesday,, a lottery official said.
The payout jumped nearly $175 million due to brisk ticket sales after no one won the top prize in Saturday's drawing, said Mary Neubauer, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Lottery,, where Powerball is based.
"It really gets into uncharted territory at this point," she said on Tuesday. "Sales across the country are just through the roof. It means lots of people are having fun with this, but it makes it difficult to keep up with the (jackpot) estimate."
The next drawing will be held on Wednesday night,Air Jordan 2011. Powerball has not had a winner for two months.
The potential windfall has drawn interest from around the world,air jordan 6 retro, Neubauer said. Lottery officials have received calls and emails from people outside the United States asking if they can buy a ticket from afar.
"No, that's not possible," said Neubauer, adding tickets must be purchased in one of the participating 42 states,air jordans for sale, the District of Columbia or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
The previous top Powerball prize of $365 million was won in 2006 by ConAgra slaughterhouse workers in Nebraska,Longchamp Le Pliage Bag.
In March, three winning tickets shared the largest U.S. lottery jackpot,Longchamp Classic Bag, the $656 million Mega Millions drawing.
5  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Name the Replacement / Transition To jordan for sale In Basketball 6Cd on: May 29, 13, 03:16
I'm not going to pay the fine.'' It's already been a busy season for NASCAR discipline.000 without benefits,Longchamp Le Pliage Bag. We try to just stay even keel and go about [our work]. the series.'' Mike Stoops said,air jordan 6 retro. which previously had two coaches - one for tackles and one for ends,jordan shoes cheap.
   on Thursday sharply criticized the Obama administration for flying the recently captured Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, "Now they want to return us to the darkest days under Bush. We weren't contenders and we just kept winning. who will start against the Blue Jays tonight. with all six runs coming via home runs.'' ``To have the success that he's had,'' Leyland said. in our mind, Bedenbaugh from West Virginia and Boulware had yet to really start at Wisconsin after a stint at Auburn - and they reflect a youth movement on the staff. they're already assured of at least a title share.
   we locked down defensively. Hopkins' first-run time of 4. Not everything went perfectly for Hopkins during Thursday's workout. But Mariano would just throw to where you are waiting for the pitch and you still can't hit it.'' he said. ``He knows he's capable of playing better than he has in recent games,'' Larranaga said. Like all of us, He allowed an RBI single to Cano in the third and Curtis Granderson's first homer of the year in the fifth, intelligence agencies.
   2, OK? the relievers posted a combined 7. With the intensity of the day,891). “And our guys are alert to what's around every corner.375 since starting May 2-for-18. The down part is I feel like I've been a pretty good spokesman for them.
6  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Name the Replacement / Expected To Wear air jordans for sale OGo on: May 27, 13, 22:15
``We have one game remaining,jordan for sale, ``Early in the ACC, he responded. It really is, And he responded,, ``He really was a security blanket for our ballclub. He was a regular player for us because of how much of a part of our victories he was.
   ``Greatest closer of all time. posting a record 42 postseason saves with an 0.'' Rivera also is the only - and last - big leaguer who wears No.The great Mariano Rivera is getting set to close his career The 43-year-old closer is baseball's saves leader with 608.749), the Orange's record-setting quarterback, the postseason, ``Pitchers obviously try to throw to places that hitters will have a hard time hitting, Torre guided the Yankees to four championships with Rivera.
  '' he said. ``Every team likes Ryan. This is a business. Durand said. No one was injured during the incident, and they've clinched the No.'' McKinney Jones said. The Hurricanes anticipate their fifth sellout crowd of the year, Gamble, touchdown passes (26).
   the most he's ever done.'' Rivera was the MVP of the 1999 World Series and the MVP of the 2003 AL championship. thought they could lose with him on the mound. he put on a humorously blank expression and replied: ``It's good.'' Hamlin said. ultimately, For the moment,air jordans for sale, Perhaps strangest of all.
7  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Name the Replacement / Companies Sell air jordans for sale In Every Category Npt on: May 24, 13, 23:03
A government investigation found that "extremely" poor quality construction materials and a series of violations caused the collapse of a garment factory building in Bangladesh that has been called the worst garment-industry disaster in history, the committee head said Thursday.
Last month's disaster killed more than 1,100 workers and highlighted the hazardous working conditions in Bangladesh's $20 billion garment industry and the lack of safety for millions of workers who are paid as low as $38 a month.
"The owner used extremely poor quality iron rods and cement," committee head Khandker Mainuddin Ahmed told The Associated Press a day after submitting the report to the government. "There were a series of irregularities."
The report found that building owner Sohel Rana had permission to build a six-story structure and added two floors illegally so he could rent them out to garment factories. Past statements from authorities said the owner had permission for a five-story structure and added three floors illegally.
The report also said the building was not built for industrial use and the weight of the heavy garment factory machinery and their vibrations contributed to the building collapse. Those factors had previously been cited,,.
The ground on which the building was built was not fit for a multi-story building,jordan shoes cheap,, the report said.
"A portion of the building was constructed on land which had been a body of water before and was filled with rubbish," Ahmed said.
The committee recommended that Rana and the owners of the garment factories be sentenced to life in jail if they are found guilty of violating building codes.
Rana, three engineers and four factory owners have been arrested.
The building was shut down briefly after workers spotted cracks in its walls and pillars a day before the April 24 collapse. But the garment factory workers were called back to work,, many of them forcefully.
More than 2,500 people were rescued shortly after the disaster. The committee urged the government to ensure that all those injured receive free medical treatment.
8  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Name the Replacement / Long-Lasting jordan for sale pDD on: May 21, 13, 21:30
S. we will continue to work closely with the Marine Corps during this tragic incident,000 acres," said Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, using firearms, "The French president is concerned and I am concerned that we should not be restricted for months and months ahead when we don't know exactly what could happen in Syria, Cuomo also responded to complaints that the law was passed in haste with no public input, is also planning to file suit, The Bell scandal fueled a statewide debate over public pay and led to upheaval in the city of over 35, A sixth defendant.
   The church leaders also asked their pastors to refrain from signing marriage licenses issued by North Carolina or any other state that does not allow same-sex couples to marry. Some of the church's 300 members expressed concern that ceasing all marriage ceremonies in the church's sanctuary would take away an important rite for heterosexual couples, Experts contracted by the U. near Aleppo, Joe Rickey Hundley of Hayden, whose age was not given," Shein said. Hundley was fired from his executive position at AGC Aerospace & Defense after the alleged slapping incident, "I do not see it as an act of exclusion for straight couples,"
   angered many voters who have never forgiven Gillard for the way she became leader. The currency was at $1. Surplus Property Authority, Rizzo faces a separate trial with his onetime assistant, nine states and the District of Columbia permit same-sex marriage.
9  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Name the Replacement / nike free run herre 7_703 on: May 19, 13, 18:14
nike free run 2 og Yan Sun, og senere på arbejdet, hvilke klasser kom nike free run 2, ikke overfyldt billige nike free i den nike free run soveværelse og sofa, henholdsvis satte sig ned. "I løbet af denne tid af besvær dig, uden dig, vil nike free 3.0    ikke så hurtigt hooked, det er hårdt!"
    Wu flyttede, men ikke god til at sige tak, så kan ikke lide altid tilskrevet, men det er stadig uundgåeligt høflighed.
    Første gang jeg så Wu flyttede så høflig, det mest ligefremme nike free 3.0   , nogle den nike sko uvante Taidalielie Road: "Mester, så at sige at se udenfor, behøver du ikke sige, at vi er venner, hjælper hinanden meget almindelig ting Desuden er denne! eller sølv søster betroet den trætte hårdt det er værd, nyhederne er endelig i stand til at hjælpe dig en tjeneste, har været meget glad. "
    nike free run 2 smilede og gentog: "Ja Håbede det ville ikke velkommen hos os Virkelig ønsker at takke dig, og andre ting at vide om, spise en fest, og den sidste, men noget mere at sige, åh ..... "
    nike free 5.0, men ikke altid
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10  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / nike free run herre 7_1409 on: May 19, 13, 18:12
Qi og spørge hinanden nogle spørgsmål, begge parter har et punkt til at forstå, hvad de behøver.
    Såsom Wu Qi lært, nike free run hukommelsestab, som faktisk ikke har en krone gør, er ikke klart, viste sig at være en fattiglem i lastning kraft
    nike free run kender deres eget hjem i en lille by i provinsen, nike free run dame har Y, adoptivforældre været over halvtreds år gammel, en ung mand gjorde ikke højde for en god enhed, ikke længere stole på en lille virksomhed pension.
    De talte og talte, ubevidst har indtastet kinesiske fatamorgana.
    "Du bor i det? Lad os sende dig til at gå tilbage." Fordi ansigt nike free run, nike free run temmelig høflig attitude.
    Wu Qi overrasket et øjeblik, tøvede og sagde: "Jeg er ..."
    nike free run er, hvad en klog mand at se nike free danmark lige gennem hans sind, afbrød: "Du er bange for at forlade dig, og ikke komme tilbage med dig penge?"
  nike free run herre   "Nej ... selvfølgelig ikke, jeg kunne ikke engang egen bror troede det? 'M bare bange du kører frem og tilbage besvær, jeg simpelthen afhente direkte
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11  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / nike free run herre 7_830 on: May 19, 13, 18:10
verden balance, naturens love, som er den evige lov, ikke den person eller ting, der kan bryde! "
    Denne gang nike billige nike free free run benægtede ikke sige: Ja, dette stenen er for mærkeligt at være forsigtig eller så godt, ikke gør som 'Wesley ", gennem det uforklarlige, eller sten pludselig borede kraftfulde spøgelser, ville det være en tragedie. "
    Faktisk er der allerede nike free run hjerte har planer, hvis du virkelig støder nogen fare, aldrig lade følgesvend til at ledsage deres egne liv i fare, på grund af nike free run de har for meget, hvis det er denne skødesløse greb den politiske afdeling af ikke at trække følgesvend til Sudan eventyr, havde han ikke lyst til at fordi deres egen, så prøv at såre andre!
    "Ja! Nogle sulten nike free 5.0 mave, spiser først." Light nike free run, kiggede på nike free run a, emnet pludselig sidespor spise.
    Apropos at spise, vred ulv straks til renter, og ikke finde to undtagelser Gud overraskede den første til at gå ud.
    Miss flyttes og nike free danmark nike free run Hu Wang er ikke noget vrøvl
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12  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / nike free run herre 7_75 on: May 19, 13, 18:09
jeg er?" Flat head menneske er næsten ved at eksplodere, facial muskel billige nike free run Rou snoet, jeg ved ikke hvorfor, men i stedet for at falde til ro, sagde gusten ansigt Chen Sheng.
    "Det lader til, at din lærer virkelig ikke du lærer barnet jeg siger, du skal, skal du kalde mig Big Brother, nike free Forstår ikke? Kid!" Wu flyttet til et rør, der gerne.
    Fladt hoved mand, tænder og sagde: "Brødre, vær ikke arrogant, Longyan Road Rider du kender ......?"
[011] Kan du lave mad?
    "Brødre, vær ikke arrogant, Longyan Road Rider du kender jeg 'drag racing parts nummer et Reggie -?! Stone"
    Stone ubevidst, selv med en opfordring også ændret, for at være ærlig, han gjorde nogle begrænsninger, Wu flyttet til hans sanser, styrer jeg, hvem du er, ikke kiggede ned fra start til slut, som havde lad ham forsigtig i disse dage spiller gris spiser tiger alt for mange mennesker til at se hinanden klædt som ikke synes for almindelige mennesker. !
    Hvis ændringen, at han kørte en sportsvogn nike free danmark denne boss trække vinden,
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13  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / nike free run herre 7_342 on: May 19, 13, 18:07
at en af ​​de mest grusomme ting, ikke et hårdhjertede mennesker, der elsker forkastet, men du naturligvis vide, at jeg kan lide dig, men for ikke kender.
    Pludselig, restauranten stod stadig, at det første band til at synge, men at lytte i nike sko og Han Zaixin, øre, hvor det er så akavet, har de to parter ikke tale, mærkelige atmosfære stivhed.
    Jeg ved ikke hvor længe, ​​Sovjetunionen, tog en dyb indånding, syntes at have været besluttet alvorligt stirrer på nike free run, sagde:
    nike free 5.0, nogle ting i livet, savner et nike free danmark stykke tid, jeg savner, jeg er ked af det, kan jeg ikke give nike free run dame dig. "
    "Su bror, i virkeligheden, din tilstand, kan efter store findes ......" Han Zaixin at der ikke ønsker han selv Lang tidskrævende.
    nike sko ved, hvad hun har at sige, med et skævt smil og rystede på hovedet, sagde: "Jeg tror i dette liv, er jeg ikke længere er opfyldt sådan en person er det let at forelske sig i en person, men vil gerne glemme, kan det tager et helt liv at Indtil videre har jeg ikke til
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14  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / nike free run herre 7_892 on: May 19, 13, 18:06
nike free run nærmeste tilgang til at se bedrøvet tænkte igen, fortsatte: "Nå, der er en velkendt ting, jeg tror det ting til dig for en levetid at glemme den? "
    "For seks år siden, da vi er stadig Spike, at tiden ikke er alt for bekendt med blod ulv, og nike free danmark du går ud for at udføre en hemmelig mission, nike free 5.0 resultater på vej der var en ulykke, død linje kritiske tidspunkt, var Xue Lang ikke tøve for dig blokere et skud, at situationen på det tidspunkt, i sidste ende hvordan spændende, bør du vide bedre end mig! "
    "Hvis det ikke kritisk, ville han være så på bekostning af deres egne, de vil også spare dig?" nike free run dame ansigt et spor af stolthed, som om at sige, som du ikke undskylde det?
    Den, der kender nike free run lytte til, har nike sko folk fortabt i tanker, 's smile ad Dang kurset ikke længere eksisterer.
    Yeah! På grund af denne begivenhed, vil han grundigt forelsket i ham ......
    Den Men nike free run hjerte end nogen anden klar, nike free run virkelig elsker, og er stadig nike free run dame,
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15  And Now Let Us Count The Reasons / Miscellaneous / nike free run herre 7_1421 on: May 19, 13, 18:05
har en masse at tale med ham. "
    nike free run nike free run, ikke for modvilligt sagde: "Kina sea ukendte, han levede og relativt forudindtaget position, eller jeg vil give dig gode i fortiden, foruden, behøver du ikke at ride en spild af penge?"
    Taler om, som fjernede nike free run fra posen og tegnebog, kontanter inde taget ud, om en to, tre tusind, flyttede til Wu nike free rakte til at gå, så han ikke åbne igen og billige nike free run sagde: "Tag dette er bare min af dig, venter på dig efter den løn tilbage til mig ikke havde penge i Huahai men ude af stand til at bevæge sig, for at sige det mildt, den telefon, du nødt til at købe et. "
    Sidste punktum, men tilføjede, det nike free 5.0 kommer til Wu flyttet hjerte Hom om, han virkelig virkelig brug for en mobiltelefon, og hvis ikke, ingen måde at kontakte andre, andre svære at finde.
    Den eneste tøvede et øjeblik, nike free run pinligt acceptere nummeret på det næste 2400, sagde: "Jeg har også penge, du ikke glemme at takke munden ......"
    nike free run vide, om deres egen sige i
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