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Fire Bruce Arians!
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Author Topic: Age of Wushu Gold and strategies for Cultivation  (Read 7 times)
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« on: Oct 15, 13, 03:20 »

Fatigue: Just about every 800 cultivation points leads to a 1% fatigue raise. Any time you accumulates 100% fatigue, ability cultivation via group practice is no longer accessible. Fatigue is reset every day at midnight Central Time. Age of Wushu Gold is extremely important for players. Should you are not excellent at doing the math involving time zones Age of Wushu has an in-game clock around the mini map interface, when that reaches 0:00, you will have 0% fatigue once again. VIP players will reach 100% fatigue more quickly than non-VIP players this can be quite apparent because they convert 30% additional than non-VIP.

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The fastest technique to attain 100% fatigue will be to do 25 rounds, then do ten rounds, to get a total of 35 rounds. My assistance to you, never let elistist assholes take over your tp, they'll say they know 20 rounds will be the very best, and this and that, in reality no one listens to them in real life, so they log on to mmos to boss people around and really feel significant, ignore them, they aren't superior at something in actual life and see games as there only way of being fantastic at a thing, you do not have time for that. Bonus cultivation (for example from getting at a sacred website) doesn't count towards fatigue.Sacred Websites: For Sacred Web sites, in case you are not TPing at a sacred web-site, quit playing with those men and women, they're nubs. In order to age of wushu liang, you may go to our web-site for additional facts. Sacred Web sites are diverse for every single school, and for each ability sort, but that is slightly difficult for now, within the starting you ought to be excellent going to the sacred website at your college and tp with there.

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Fire Bruce Arians!

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