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Fire Bruce Arians!
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Author Topic: and psychological well prepared  (Read 22 times)
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« on: Mar 22, 13, 13:04 »

Ng looked around to me and said: take a break, we go fuckin place to stay for one minute more of a danger, do not come to this place next to me how much money I fuckin sun The sun bath off the skin do not say, his mother's dumplings are so many, and so I find is the main pull out learn Wuzisu Bianshi the fuckin finished very angry.
My heart says Do not let tomb you Bianshi to it like, Ng said: You say the ancients dug such a big place doing? Order the burial of a dead man? Fuckin cemetery are so expensive, and not very expensive private burial dead? Wu Zi After hearing this I lashed out at say I QueXinYan, my heart to say this the Yangtze shoot Ng ass okay how I not enough for me depressed. Flattering shoot donkey hoof on.
Thirty first gold
  Ng the Yangtze and large Kui kick up, do not let us sleep Let's get to the front to see the tomb should be brisk finished Yangtze and Kui reluctance of up sleepily looked at us. Ng looked backpack: We quickly go bag food can eat up to two days,robe de mariee 2013, the water is completely gone, even find something back to his mother that the serpent do not know the dead which It is not stripping the snake meat, it can hold a few days.
My heart that grew up eating the wasted meat, cooked me not to eat. Yangtze rubbing eyes and said: We go now?
Ng looked at us with a spanking look, I will not speak and barely get up and follow them, Ng said: Hadron injured, he was behind us, and the eyes gave me to put a bright spot in the case of to what is certainly to be dead,purple cocktail dresses.
I just get up and almost fell, Dakui Hold me barely stand up, above Shitai very intensive and better climbing Ng face down to us and said: We walked over, his mother I do not believe nothing.
We do not have people management Ng child, the love of money is not a sin, sin is death-defying love of money, if I would come to this place what things are not, now is a scar has not got anything, grew more and more gas.
Ng looked flashlight: flashlight light bad,cheap louis vuitton, with no difference to me there are several backup battery, we should first put,empire waist wedding dress, etc. all put back. I nodded, Ng viability than us stronger and more in this dark environment also allows us only to hit a lamp the Think back inside or safety in the dark.
This cave than before are much larger, no architectural traces of black around more and more obvious, Ng Road, which should be bright pigment absorption. About ten minutes away, so we were surprised that we have not encountered other things, it makes me more depressed, originally thought in front of what something will pop out, and psychological well prepared, disappointed with what not encountered, I quietly Road This is how it is, one thing did not encounter? The Ng son said I do not know, maybe this is the last one tomb, those things did not dare enter here, I listened to some doubts after the heart to say those things do not come here than wasted Genghen.
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« Reply #1 on: Sep 12, 13, 09:38 »


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Fire Bruce Arians!

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