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Fire Bruce Arians!
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Author Topic: indoor warm as in spring.Time is so long  (Read 11 times)
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« on: Mar 25, 13, 22:53 »

  blog text more calm and more beautiful: the CCTV news anchor Li Xiuping
 : 2012-11-02 16:59:53
  tag: Li Xiuping, anchor, beautiful, news, CCTV,, "text-align: center"
 more calm, more beautiful: the CCTV news anchor Li Xiuping

 Li Xiuping's childhood life
 perennial outer about dad home have the Spring Festival, has become our family'sA kind of looking forward to a happy, because of his arrival, we began to have a taste in men.When I was young, my father gave me the feeling is one year can only see.He is a bridge engineer, all the year round.Therefore, he went back home have the Spring Festival, became a kind of looking forward to our family's happy.I at that time to father a fear, afraid of him, but also want to see him.In order to daddy's coming, a lot of things for him to do, for example, I request myself to do their homework clean today, because to give dad check; clothes don't dirty, because my father looked at me clean … …

 father is the 29 home.Tapping a knock on the door, as children we all went to the door waiting for.Mother opened the door, father with a chill and smoke.And his mother said a few words, the father is always the first to embrace me, my face up, ask do you want him?Looking at his black face, both strange and familiar, I nodded energetically.Because of his father's arrival, our home has begun to taste in men, but also have more joy.I remember very clearly, Papa I finished, will be from a cloth pocket took out a lot of, like dried persimmons, raisins.In fact, I did not love to eat persimmon, but because father is back, I especially like to eat, eat up the special incense.But now, I think of my dad saw persimmon.
 father home, family reunion, gave me the feeling that we are very excited.On the thirty night, although we did not make the people,louis vuitton new bags, but also the lack of the expertise, even a decent instruments are not, but to open a family concert.&ldquo, let's join in the fun,Discount Louis Vuitton Shirt.” as children we especially want to listen to my father this sentence.Because I feel like home the cells most, so every time I announced to “ ” what what, special initiative.The concert, the eldest sister to sing a song; brother recited the poem; two elder sister, borrow a small harmonica on the song; I do not say, to sing and dance.One family enjoyable.Out of the window to freeze, indoor warm as in spring.Time is so long, but think of the scene of the situation, just like happened, especially clear.My childhood Spring Festival happy people, let people miss.
Fire Bruce Arians!

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