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Fire Bruce Arians!
Apr 18, 14, 08:48 *
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Author Topic: Double Standard  (Read 463 times)
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« on: Apr 23, 10, 20:42 »

Tired of this double standard. Can't handle this fake appearance of morality.

The Steelers will not make a fool out of me; The NFL will not make a fool of me! I hope they don't make a fool of you either but they will try and many will fall for it. Just wait, mark my word; Roethlisberger will be back under center in game 5 and a couple TDs later - all is forgotten. Happened with coked up Michael Irvin; happened with murdering Ray Lewis; happened with dog killer Vick! All should have been excommunicated.

Women, don't fall for it! The 4-6 game suspension is just a rouse so women will feel there was justice and continue watching the NFL. Goodell wants to spread the NFL to the families; to the women; to the children and will hand out these small suspensions so people believe there is punishment for crimes. But he will not do the right thing and expel a star player for life. He will appear stern and publicly denounce such behavior saying the player is held to higher standards but in the end a small insignificant suspension followed by political overtures that they deserve a second chance. It's all a rouse in hopes you fall into the trap and forget the past.

This is exactly what the Steelers are hoping. A seemingly harsh punishment, unsincere trade rumors then public overtures of deserving a second chance. A game 5 start, 2 TDs and cheers not jeers.

The firesale trade of Santonio proves the double standard. They can replace a WR easier than QB which proves it's about $$ not morality. I'm not falling for it!

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« Reply #1 on: Mar 20, 13, 11:02 »

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« Reply #2 on: May 31, 13, 17:08 »

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Fire Bruce Arians!

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