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Fire Bruce Arians!
Apr 18, 14, 13:41 *
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Author Topic: Yu strength twelve Man  (Read 10 times)
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« on: Apr 04, 13, 10:01 »

Jocie Guo then listened to Yang Wind said some excited.   Hole jade quite Panther defeated the other village, the village head, followed him came to their village residence, and one who lived down First, the martial art to pass on to them, then is the beginning of hard for each Man to get through the orifices of thing is not only extremely troublesome, but also a very time-consuming thing, Yu strength twelve Man, one day to be able to get through the orifices limit, which one each orifices just to get through the right-hand man ever encounter the dragon tactic practice to the profound realm of those things of the flesh is extremely powerful Man Yu even hard day and there is no way to get through his orifices.
Until this time the hole jade dare indulge their feelings, feeling his huge body to the incredible power of the hole jade heart is full of surprises, is to force his chosen way of sermons need mana extremely large, although with accumulated over time a little, but do not know until when to go, but swallowed the second hole jade, jade hole is saving do not know how much of the time, this is how to be able to let Yu unhappy.
LI Yun-dong, pointing to the location of Sun Hung said: Sun Hung although not good at the battle of wits, but I listen to Cao B said, they are very good at Invisibility, illusionist, and various Mei surgery, although the beat, can escape no problem.
After so many years of practice plus hole jade heritage of the big witch Chi combat skills, making the hole jade natural variety of martial arts he had learned previously with profound insight,robes de marie blanche, even the most mundane of martial arts to the hole jade the hands also can issue the amazing power of this is to improve the benefits of martial arts experience, Yu attack are natural, as if the general elusive antelope hanging corner.
Xing Promise no Qudang the cold Li's sword,Robes de marie, nor to flee, he looked cold Li Chen Sheng said I verbally refute the dead Haineisenlin, asked the command of the day, the Xuanming several people rescued after today's situation have been doomed,robes de cocktail pas cher. Finished and butter fear of LI Yun-dong do not know who wrote this note is written his own name, but also in the following: Su cicada..
Reach the pier Diman looked at the hands of the paper, when his eyes battleship Among the many boats to find the second ship will be the ones to suffer. it is for the shells from both sides of the box for the the bomb ...... Course skill is low, only refining some Xiongshou, wait until high skill, refining a mountain is also a very common thing,robes de marie de couleur..
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Fire Bruce Arians!

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