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Fire Bruce Arians!
Apr 16, 14, 14:21 *
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News: Why are they blitzing so much?
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Author Topic: our six brothers together for so long  (Read 8 times)
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« on: Apr 04, 13, 13:34 »

Xiao carefree cohesion systemic Jianqi in feet, suddenly faint white glow feet, which is a manifestation of a return to the sword into a period after Jianqi no longer as dazzling as the first few stages, but bland This is increasingly showing the strength of the strong Xiao worry-free. Xiao worry-free feet moving quickly, or points, or step on or kick dragged over the hands with the release of light blue mana hit the ground.
Managed to let calm down, said: I do not stoop to you than bicker What kind of capability? Skill we make it real! Well, I will let you hit first. Liu Yuyu negative hand stood,evening dress maternity, smiled and The large cattle Speaking. But then his mouth shut aside, with the exception of the tall, thin woman introduced himself red knives, just a nickname, that not even the names of couples and young child said that they only keen to discuss the upcoming big breakout action . Liu Yan said someone's cell phone in their own ranks, there are signals, and south through the Global Positioning System to find large refugee area controlled by the military, and also avoid all the way and hit the massive vampire puppet group..
Stumbled soldier walked before went to Caesar, at the foot of instability, plop kneel on the ground, his face is frightened and restless expression. Some angry soldier speak, Caesar did not wait to put the Sabres press on his shoulder, leaned against the the panting soldier said: ah? Did you know do not know so reckless that will give you a heads chopped off! Caesar expressions cold scary, fear creeps took a step back, then Caesar away saber, since convergence anger and peace, said: What happened to you even life despite?.
Jia Ding gatekeepers, see the bearer was actually already dead Liu Yixuan at once frightened and ran. While still running side exclaimed: ghost! Ghost! Ghost to pull! Liu Yixuan laugh hard, I thought: I never thought of my death, even the tiny retainers already know! Ha ha! Ha ha! Liu Yixuan walk into the House within.
The danger comes, God slave instinctively uttered a roar turned bailing. But this time the LEI and past Leiguang than up. Zhang sadly forthrightly said: I said,simple wedding dresses, since you become immortal,oakley sunglasses, and the idea of ​​how not to release the point? More we accomplish something, the more distinctive, Do not understand? Zhang sadly burst helpless to see a few people still could not help but grinned and shook his head, I think of the things of the the White Snake giant shadow, but also to see the back of the hilt Xu dust, he asked: Xu dust, you are decisive when, in addition to white, and I also saw a huge white snake shadow floating behind you, but also able to transform into a sword in that is how it happened? Huh Six people barely stop smile, to hear Zhang sadly say this,, but it is showing a strange expression. Boss, you are seeing things, our six brothers together for so long, only to see the white, never seen what the White Snake Serpent? Water minister said.
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Fire Bruce Arians!

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