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Author Topic: the bride wearing a veil is a symbol of youth and virginity  (Read 49 times)
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« on: Apr 08, 13, 10:32 »

Generation of Chinese wedding
Wedding marriage relationship is established when both men and women were held by the social recognition ceremony. In our modern sense of the wedding, is the wedding ceremony, held on the same day that the wedding ceremony program; and ancient meaning of the wedding, then ranging from about marriage, the process of engagement to marriage and other ceremonial procedures.
The wedding is about the emergence of the dual marriage system in the middle and late. Initially, it is based on According to scholars, Semenov pointed out that the class in ancient society, gifts are stable sexual relationship the way, is to make the temporary pairing marriage into long-term nature of the dual marriage means.
Marriage arises because both men and women married to assume the responsibility of parents and relatives of the rights and obligations. Again, because the family is living in residential units, which naturally involved with the neighborhood, community relations and the corresponding rights and obligations. And that all the powers and duties, contact and relationship building and performance, to promote marriage and a family party, through a certain ritual procedures to obtain social support, recognition and protection.
Marriage for the marriage of the parties have also religious and cultural psychology, namely to create the wedding of a family relationship, must be made through a certain ritual to the gods and ancestors recognized and blessed. In ancient society, the concept of animism great impact on people's thinking. Pray the gods had to do anything to get their blessing blessing. From this we can understand why the ancient wedding ceremony [six], and each program should consult ancestor worship, why in modern times people are also weddings (ancestral spirits) preparing for the wedding as a wedding essential missing something, why the symbol of good luck indispensable in the wedding gift, why the wedding there will be some symbolic evil process, such as beans, sprinkle red Jian Gu and riding practices such as carpet.
The wedding production, but also to meet and go through with the marriage party of their choice and long-term sexual partner living together with a pleasant formal psychological and emotional needs are closely related. The ancients said, on the special needs through a certain ritual to satisfy this psychological, and thus This is recognized by the wedding ceremony together, they formed a solemn and cheerful wedding.
Thus, the wedding was off in the socio-cultural and ghost form the basis of study of ancestor worship, is in human social ties, social relations and cultural life of a certain long-term development and stability in the marriage relations of the historical conditions the product.
When the wedding, after being elected, marriage customs will be the attendant, and the change with the times and changes. Here we introduce the 'three books Six Man,
Cultural comparison of Chinese and Western wedding
Since ancient times, marriage is the first human relations, more importantly, through numerous and brilliant people Marriage, a clearer understanding of human social history, exploring the basic laws of human social development. With China's accession to WTO, China and Western countries the economic and cultural exchanges become more frequent, the people of China and Western countries increasing exchanges and cooperation between, this requirement is even more urgent. The countries of Western culture, customs,beats by dre, knowledge is limited to the classroom is not enough, so in Western countries to carry out culture, customs research, so we chose this subject for the study.
In almost every society and culture, there are wedding customs. Humans seem to naturally have such a need: The wedding will be the relationship between husband and wife publicly determined. However, in the form of the wedding, but with the progress of human society and constantly changing, but the original aim, all the wedding customs are quite difficult to design a number of aspects.
Western wedding is very different, the traditional Chinese custom of .
The so-called six-ceremony were: (1) Nace: This is the first stage of proposed marriage, the man invited the media to propose marriage, the woman agreed to proposed marriage, the man prepare gift to women at home to marry him, gift geese, goose all to live . Why use the goose? Geese as migratory birds, taken in accord with the yin and yang symbol meaning, and later the development of new ideas, said Yan lost a spouse, life is no longer in pairs, whichever is loyalty. (2) Question Name: is the marriage proposal, asked the woman's date of birth and name of the matchmaker does, ready to divination ritual. (3) Nagy: name is to ask the good news after another divination divination to inform the woman's rites. Known as the This is the engagement stage of the ritual. Ancient customs, as usual, use the goose, as a token of marriage has been fixed. Later developed to use the rings, jewelry, colored silk, cake, ceremony candles, and even sheep and pigs, it is also known to send scheduled or be employed. (4) is satisfied levy: League is set, the groom's female family will be sent to the bride price, is married stage rites. After the wedding they called this into a big employed or employed, over gift and so on. Later, the ceremony has taken the practice to return a gift, the bride price in the refund of part or all of the food; or employment, will be the man's female family coat, shoes and socks as a gift in return. The number and the name of dowry items to take on more meaning good luck, take the number one double bogey. (5) Please view: while stocks dowry, select the date of marriage, prepare gift to women at home, when the consent of the ceremony. As usual with the ancient customs geese, gifts generally simple, please view often, and over the dowry ceremony together, with the same decision had the wedding gift. (6) pro-Ying: is the new husband together personally welcome home ceremony for women. The wedding rituals are often seen as the main program, while the top five is as a marriage proposal, engagement and other transitional rituals. These form part of the need for social relationships, such as women home, . Purely pro-greet part of the ceremony, usually with a sedan chair, double top or single top points, supporting the pro women's sedan chair, requirements, from the car, traveling back, welcome car, got down, worship heaven and earth, the line Acacia ceremony, the wedding ...... to each process and has several dozen forms, most of the guitar that I wish evil. Welcome pro season, the general election in the spring, the state legislation on agriculture, coincides with the slack, as the harvest is just marriage.
Marriage Since then, only as a wedding anniversary celebration at home, according to the annual celebration (at least a
Modern wedding has been the impact of Western culture, a lot of weddings in the church. In addition to the church, the shrine, the monastery is also used for weddings. Taking into account then go to the wedding easy wedding in the banquet hall has a hall or hotel wedding a lot of people. In the wedding hall and hotel, with a simple altar and prayer room can be adapted to hold various ceremonies. However, no matter what form, it is interesting in this ring are exchanged wedding rings.
The wedding ceremony is followed. Everyone lively meal, attended by the bride and groom congratulations. Another cabaret, banquet divided into Western, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Whatever the occasion, a considerable part of the content is a luxury. In the middle of the banquet, the bride and generally 1-2 sets of clothes, such as , but in turn dress the bride by the kimono, it will also meet the dress.
After the wedding, the bride and groom usually only our friends, to open a gap of no party, this is called After the wedding, most couples will set foot on the honeymoon journey.
Western wedding is a serious and solemn, and beautiful romantic and memorable! The ninth century, Pope Nicholas I decreed that the man presented to the woman's wedding ring is an indispensable formal courtship process. The colors represent the bride dress tradition, also has its specific meaning, such as the white represents purity of virginity. United States, Britain used the yellow dress is a symbol of the bride and the rich love of God.
Bride in the wedding day wearing a long-standing custom of head-dress, the ancient woman of marriageable age are wearing a garland, as distinct from married women, a symbol of virginity. At first, the bride wearing a veil is a symbol of youth and virginity, and the Catholic bride wear a veil represents purity. Therefore, many rushed to the church at the wedding the bride chose to wear a double veil. Daughter of the bride to the groom's father, by the groom's hand lifted the veil. Flowers on behalf of passion and rewards, to convey a prosperous and rich, outstanding message. Fortunate enough to receive the bride's bouquet will have good luck, it will be next married person.
The bride and groom standing on the left generally, this custom originated in the era of the prevalence of marriage by capture. Fearing the bride's family will rush back to the bride on the wedding, the groom must make the right hand to fight at any time. According to custom, the wedding came to an end with the couple kissing. The kiss full of deep meaning: by kissing a person's breath, and part of the soul in another body, love to make them into one.
Hold the custom of the bride into the bridal chamber by some indigenous tribes of Marriage evolved, because these tribes too few single women, men want to go to neighboring villages abducting and carry them away, so they will be a stick to escape. Contemporary people is that the bride can not use his left foot into the door of a new house, It is better to hold the bride and groom into the room.
When the newlyweds honeymoon departure by car, the car behind will fasten many cans. It originated in the ancient custom of throwing shoes, wedding guests threw him to the new shoes, the shoes if you have hit the happy couple riding car, will bring good luck. Wedding cars in the back with the team all the way to keep the whistle, to drive away demons.
Second, the wedding, in Western clothing, there are big differences. Chinese traditional wedding ceremony, the bride's color to red-based clothing, a symbol of good luck, hope the day after the wedding can be booming. The western bride places a white tone based,
Although countries in the world since ancient times the wedding there is a ceremony, but the bride at the wedding did not wear a wedding dress to the history of 200 years. Bride wore a white silk dress hem dragged to the ceremony was originally a Catholic service. Since ancient times some European countries are theocratic state, people get married have to go to church for the priest or pastor's prayer and blessing, in order to be considered formal legal marriage, so the ceremony, the bride wore white clothes to God sincere and pure.
The West in the 19th century, young girls get married there is no uniform worn by the bride's dress color specifications, until 1820 years ago, before the white man has become widely used in the wedding dress color. This is because the British Queen Victoria wore a white wedding elegant wedding dress,beats by dr dre uk. Since then, the white wedding will be a formal wedding dress.
Eastern and Western cultures differ in many aspects of performance, the wedding is one. This is mainly coming from Western cultural backgrounds and different historical backgrounds, different ideas and customs in the role, and slowly evolved to. But no matter what country, the wedding is full of blessings and laughter
Western-style wedding
Wear a white wedding dress, starched suits, champagne cake, throwing the ball ... ... simple flower sacred Western-style wedding, so that the pursuit of Petty Bourgeoisie, and dreamed of becoming a princess, the prince of the new people very heart.
Doctrine in the West, the combination of two people is God's will, so the wedding must be holy, representing pure
White is unique in the main wedding color, white wedding dress, white layout, white cake, white wedding car ... ... all the white flowers will become the most popular Western-style wedding decorations. So it all seems simple and elegant.
Western-style wedding stress is sacred and simple, also known as The promise of the sacred oath, uniformed men and women bridesmaid and flower girl angel, Zhongxingpengyue like the couple set off like the fairy tale prince and princess, the bride to meet a lot of childhood dreams.
The most Western-style wedding
The most classic ritual: the witness of the Father, the promise of love vows
The most common colors: white
Highlights the most innovative: throwing bouquet
The advantages of Western-style wedding
Simple, romantic. Moved. The priests, relatives and friends to witness the heart under oath, to look solemn and romantic wedding. Western-style wedding wedding parties pay more attention to the feelings.
The shortcomings of Western-style wedding
Simple procedure, it will seem deserted.
To the traditional wedding customs, it is difficult to discuss their parents and other elders of favor.
Chinese wedding
Red sedan chair, mighty guard of honor wedding, preparing for the wedding, lifting the lid, Coronet Xiapei champion clothes ... ... Chinese wedding, the traditional festive and lively, good luck and blessings in the warmest way to give one pair tied the knot new. Although Chinese wedding sounds old-fashioned, but now it is a new thing.
Chinese wedding stress Requires a series of solemn marriage ceremony to reflect, and related parties who caused the attention. So, also known as
To love and moving to thank the parents, to thank friends and family, is a Chinese wedding is a major focus, to drink tea The couple will therefore feel the solemn marriage and family responsibilities.
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