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Fire Bruce Arians!
Apr 16, 14, 03:35 *
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Author Topic: ---Timely Tips to Create Morning Rituals that Energize Your Day Star Coach Outle  (Read 14 times)
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« on: Apr 13, 13, 04:08 »

Time management tips are about efficiency, effectiveness, AND energy. Let's focus on energy today. Did you know that a powerful morning ritual can enhance your energy throughout your day?
Well, it's very true. As your day unfolds, you can draw upon the power that even a brief ritual generates. This,Coach Outlet, in turn, dramatically affects your perspective on time – and on what's possible!
Here are some ways to think about your morning ritual:
•It's a promise that you make to yourself as your day begins. What gift would you like to give yourself throughout this day? Maybe you promise yourself peace,, or self-confidence,, or even fun,Coach Outlet Store Online! The key is to be sure you make a promise you can keep – something you will definitely follow through on. Whatever you promise,, your follow-through builds self-trust and builds a sturdy bridge allowing you to apply the power and wisdom of your core self to whatever challenges your day presents to you.
•It's an opportunity to indulge yourself in a good way. Your morning ritual is a daily foundation that provides you with inner peace and calm focus. This is especially important when times get rough. Think of activities that validate who you are and reinforce your values. What this looks like will vary from person to person. The common thread is that it nourishes and supports you as you move through your day.
Fire Bruce Arians!

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