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Author Topic: buy windows 8 Cleaning and maintenance of the 18k gold necklace  (Read 14 times)
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« on: May 02, 13, 22:27 »

18k gold necklace cleaning is necessary , but it is important we usually wear good care of maintenance to make it shiny longer hours ,buy windows 8.18 k gold necklace with 18K gold jewelry such as maintenance is almost 18K gold necklace should be stored separately to avoid contact with chemicals ,kaufen swarovski outlet, to avoid friction with hard objects and collision , do housework and take a bath when not to wear 18K gold necklace women every day requires a certain amount of make-up , and perfume , Pay particular attention to these must be complete before wearing 18K gold necklace .
 18k gold loved by many people , high hardness, toughness , wear a long time will inevitably come forward dirt due to their cost , many people do not want to get the jewelry store cleaning, maybe you know , to jewelry shop cleaning , basic will be a few grams less , the safest way is at home , here to introduce several methods to teach you how to clean 18k gold necklace .
 18K gold necklace method of cleaning a
 alcohol and soap , wipe with a soft cloth moistened with soapy water and the hotel ,windows 8 product key, do not contain particles such as toothpaste , so as not to scratch the appearance of the week scrub once extremely bright ,thomas sabo schmuck.
Cleaning and maintenance of the 18k gold necklace
 Edit : Dou Xiang
 18k gold necklace cleaning methods the
 ammonia soaked 18K gold necklace dirty on the ammonia soaked overnight to wash away dirt , pay attention to the concentration is not too high , so as not to corrosion protective film.
 18K gold necklace cleaning method three
 alcohol lamp baking, often necklace appearance of white spots ,windows 8 key, the group because of the use of cosmetics containing tribute stick on the surface tribute encounter high temperatures can melt , and then wipe it gently with a soft cloth . four
 18K gold necklace cleaning method with an old toothbrush jewelry cleaning liquid , brush lightly dampened in a mild cleaning solution or a commercially available pedestal bottom , as well as the diamond at the fine joints , or gems will drop at the end because the overall transparency of the shade.
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