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Author Topic: it is alright to wear blue or green eyeshadow.  (Read 21 times)
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When it comes to eyeshadow color there are a lot of different factors that go into choosing the right color to wear. Fashion experts are one of the determining factors for some people because they listen to the advice that these people in the fashion industry give. Some experts have sworn off blue and green as the colors that are acceptable to wear, but there are some ladies who want to wear these colors as a part of their everyday eye makeup. If you want to know if it is alright to wear these colors and how to make them look best, then make sure to read this information. One eyeshadow color that is hot and trendy these days is blue. No matter what anyone in the fashion industry might say, blue is a great looking color that looks great regardless of the woman's eye color who is wearing it. Green is another color that is absolutely gorgeous and can be worn by anyone no matter what their eye color is. There are a lot of different shades available for both of these colors that will make your eyes look stunning if you choose the right ones. The best thing to do once you have an eyeshadow color in mind that you would like to wear is find a darker shade and a lighter shade that you can wear. You will want to play around with a few blending techniques to create a fading effect on your eyelids,Plus Size Wedding Dresses AU. Depending on how conservative you like to wear your makeup, there are a lot of great ideas that you can use to make your eyes pop. By experimenting with different shades of both colors you will be able to create the perfect look. As you can see, it is alright to wear blue or green eyeshadow color these days. It is great to be able to get fashion advice, but sometimes just trying something for yourself is better to do. Look at a few shades of either blue or green and try them on your eyes. You may find that you love the look and the effect that is created by blending lighter and darker shades together,Strapless Wedding Dresses AU. No matter what color your eyes are, you will be able to find the right color and shade to make them look good. It does not matter what any of the experts say, it is alright to wear blue or green eyeshadow.

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