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Author Topic: The prostate is the gland responsible for production of fluid that transports sp  (Read 3 times)
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The prostate is the gland responsible for production of fluid that transports sperm. Development of prostate cancer often occurs gradually over time,,chanel outlet,, and the likelihood of successful treatment increases the earlier cancerous cells are detected. However,louis vuitton bags, it is important to note that similar to other medical conditions individuals can experience aggressive forms that spread rapidly beyond the prostate gland, making the need for treatment more immediate.
  Given the importance of early detection, males are encouraged to consult their primary care physician if they are experiencing symptoms of prostate cancer. The severity and range of symptoms vary among individuals,,lululemon outlet canada, but there are some common signs that males should be alert to. The majority of symptoms individuals will report are related to urination. For example,mbt sale, signs of blood in the urine or semen can occur as  begin to advance and become more serious. Men may feel pelvic discomfort or report swelling in the legs as well.
       Prostate cancer symptoms should be reported to a primary care physician for further investigation. In other instances, prostate cancer may be detected through regular,michael kors handbags, preventative screening. While a consensus has not been reached in the medical community regarding the effectiveness and benefits of prostate cancer screening, those with risk factors should decide with their physician whether screening is appropriate. Certain risk factors include obesity,,cheap hats, family history of the disease,mbt outlet online store, and being over 65 years of age. These factors may increase the probability that if cancer develops,louis vuitton, it will be of an aggressive nature.
       The two most common ways to identify whether an individual should be diagnosed with prostate cancer are a rectal exam and a prostate-specific antigen test. In combination with prostate cancer symptoms,cheap toms shoes, these tests will indicate whether or not to proceed with additional testing. The only way to positively identify the presence of prostate cancer is to do a biopsy on the prostate tissue. The stage of cancer is determined after evaluating the severity of symptoms and whether it has spread beyond the prostate.
       Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is one way to help lower risk of developing symptoms of prostate cancer. Medications are also available to men with higher risk factors,, although the possibility of side effects is an important consideration when making this decision.
       The Prostate Cancer Research Institute is a charitable institution that is intended to improve the quality of men’s lives by supporting the research and disseminating information . It also helps to create awareness and empowers patients,chanel bags, families and the medical community.
Fire Bruce Arians!

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