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Fire Bruce Arians!
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Author Topic: The latest outstanding high school application for 800 words - Application - joi  (Read 6 times)
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« on: May 26, 13, 22:20 »

,hollister uk
 youth to youth binding, unity,louboutin pas cher, hard-working spirit, to strengthen the organization and record the effect. It is so, I must join the Communist Youth league.
 the Chinese Communist Youth League is growing in China under the leadership of the Communist Party, always stand in the forefront of revolutionary struggle, has a glorious history. In the establishment of new China, to establish and consolidate the socialist system, played a vital role in the development and the commandos to socialist economic, political, cultural process. The Chinese Communist Youth League is an advanced youth organization, is the party's good helper, is a generation out of the organization, making another batch of emerging talent.
 the Communist Youth League of China, it took the youth, cultivate advanced youth, the youth national self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance spirit, lofty ideals,hollister, makes our country become the name, culture, morality, ideal society progenitor righteousness power, make our motherland, to shield the effects of the motherland.
 I abide by discipline, not to be late for school,charlotte olympia shoes, to school on time, the instrument is complete, every day do not abide by the school tricks, to do two exercises, in which several weeks to maintain excellent moral education quantized. Have a good relationship with students, students in some places do not understand I will be happy to help,Lanvin, untie his heart problems, as long as they can help get the strength to help. I have respected teachers habits, see the teacher called "good teacher" is wrong to seriously listen to the teachings of their elders. Grades in class is in the front row, first in the best students continue to study hard to achieve all-round development of morality,abercrombie france, intelligence and further, body, beauty, work, and in the student handbook teacher always gives me a good comment.
 takes mathematics generation one job in the class, the work strives to improve the. In the class is also a step forward, all-round development,stylo mont blanc, honour the teacher and respect his teaching, abide by the rules of the school, love the class students. At home I was an honor their parents, respect for elders, care for the young, undertake some housework. In the community to observe public order and social system. I cheerful personality,abercrombie pas cher, easy to accept new things,Chaussures Lanvin, twenty-first Century is a new generation of young people. I volunteer to join the Communist Youth league.
 League branch if it does I, will use the practical action to prove himself, seriously implement group's mission to me,hollister france, be a responsibility of the Communist Youth League,stylo mont blanc pas cher, and was determined to preserve the group organization, abide by the constitution, abide by discipline, play an exemplary role in learning, labor, work and other social for the sake of class activities,air jordan pas cher, everywhere, for the school's sake, new successor state.
 if this is not >
 dear regiment department:
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« Reply #1 on: May 26, 13, 22:29 »

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Fire Bruce Arians!

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