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 on: Yesterday at 20:11 
Started by whitmer_87 - Last post by whitmer_87
I have absolutely zero confidence that they're going to hold this lead.

 on: Yesterday at 19:58 
Started by whitmer_87 - Last post by SCacalaki
Soooooo....Mike Milbury appreciates that David Backes, who suffered a concussion significant enough to keep him out of multiple games, showed emotion in getting up after the hit and attempting to go after someone

And if I don't like the chirping, I can turn down the TV?  Just did

What a douche.  It will be clips like that that former NHL players use in their concussion lawsuits.  There have been multiple lawsuits brought recently; I would think the NHL would take a neanderthal like Milbury off the air. 

 on: Yesterday at 19:47 
Started by whitmer_87 - Last post by SCacalaki
What a horrible 2nd period of hockey

 on: Yesterday at 17:46 
Started by Finnegans Wake - Last post by Finnegans Wake
Visits list:

CB Shaquille Richardson - Arizona - Scheduled 5.169; N/A
CB Darqueze Dennard - Michigan State - 4/2/14 1.14; 1.11
RB Lache Seastrunk - Baylor - 4/1/14 4.102;4.121
LB Anthony Barr - UCLA - Scheduled 1.12; 1.12
DE Jackson Jeffcoat - Texas - Scheduled 3.89;2.62
DT Aaron Donald - Pittsburgh - Happened  1.13; 1.14
WR John Brown - Pitt State - 3/31/14  7.221; FA
CB Bradley Roby - Ohio State - Scheduled 1.32; 2.36
WR Donte Moncrief - Mississippi - 4/1/14  2.39; 2.66
LB Ryan Shazier - Ohio State - Scheduled 1.23;2.36
DE Stephon Tuitt - Notre Dame - 4/2/14 2.40; 2.38
CB Jason Verrett - TCU - 4/13/14 1.29; 1.22
T Seantrel Henderson - Miami - Scheduled  5.156; 5.175
S Brock Vereen - Minnesota - 4/4/14  5.141; 6.207
WR Bruce Ellington - South Carolina - 4/4/14  3.90; 3.90
WR Martavis Bryant - Clemson - 3/31/14  2.50; 2.63
S Calvin Pryor - Louisville - 4/7/14 1.21; 1.30
LB - Jordan Zumwalt - UCLA - 4/10/14 4.115; FA
S Deone Buchannon - Washington - 4/10/14  3.82; 3.71
LB Kevin Pierre-Louis - Boston College - 4/11/14 6.190; 7.256
LB Carl Bradford - Arizona State - 4/11/14 3.69; 5.162
DE Scott Crichton - Oregon State - 4/14/14  2.49; 1.32
DE Ra'Shede Hageman - Minesota - 4/17/14  2.33; 2.34
CB Phillip Gaines - Rice - 4/17/14 2.57; 7.230
TE Rob Branchflower - Massachusetts - 4/17/14  FA; 6.199
S Nick Williams - North Alabama - Reportedly Scheduled  FA; FA
G Lawrence Martin - South Florida - Reportedly Scheduled  FA; FA
OLB Demarcus Lawrence - Boise St. - Reportedly Scheduled  2.43; 3.92
DT Beau Allen - Wisconsin - 4/21/14  FA; 5.171
CB Kyle Fuller - Virginia Tech - Reportedly Scheduled 1.27; 1.27
CB Russ Cockrell - Duke - 4/22/14 5.149; 6.190

LB Demarcus Lawrence - Boise St. - 4/24/14   2.43;3.92
RB/ATH Jerick McKinnon - GA Southern - 4/24/14   4.137;FA

Updates bolded.  Lots to like.  Edit:  Two more today, 4/24/13, added in red, and bolded.

Positional rankings following player info are CBS Sportsline (NFL Draft Scout); Draft Tek.

 on: Yesterday at 17:30 
Started by aj_law - Last post by Finnegans Wake
Default:  WR/CB in R1-2 in some order.

When 1.15:  Best guy on their board.  So they have multiple contingencies.

If Lewan falls, because he's an Incognito-level dick, but we decide it's worth the risk?  Rejigger the value by round and reset.

If they have a LB (Mosley, Shazier) or DE (Tuitt; Hagemann?) rated that high, who knows. 

The FO definitely seems obsessed with SPEED on defense, CB, LB, even DE.  And WR/KR.  It's much more pronounced this year than any other.

Not sure who I got, but I'm thinking of who I like, and who's likely to be there, and... Dennard.

 on: Yesterday at 15:27 
Started by aj_law - Last post by aj_law
I think the general consensus is that Pittsburgh will go either CB or WR in R1.  Safe to say?  They don't generally do a good job of hiding which cages they're rattling and I think it's even more obvious this year.  Maybe I'm assuming too much, but it sure feels like that's the case.

So, with that said, let's try to look at things a little differently.  Let's assume that they don't go CB or WR in R1.  Which way do they go?  A franchise OT prospect?  Playmaking LB?  A NT to clog the middle?  A monster, versatile two gap DE?  What position and specifically, which player do they draft?

IMO, it's really a tough call considering the amount of options they should have at 1.15.  I'd like to say they're gonna grab an OT to protect #7's blindside for the rest of his career, but I think in the end I'm gonna guess that they'll go with the bigger need and draft a beast of a defensive end in Stephon Tuitt (Notre Dame).  Yeah, it ain't ain't splashy, but he's the kind of physical freak that has the potential to be a really special player.  Size, speed and strength make him perfectly suited to play end (and possibly even slide inside occasionally) in a 3 front.

Who you got?

 on: Yesterday at 15:23 
Started by Finnegans Wake - Last post by Finnegans Wake
Skov is still working through injury issues.  Reportedly cannot break 5.20 in the 40.  If not for that, yeah, he'd be higher.

 on: Yesterday at 15:15 
Started by Finnegans Wake - Last post by aj_law
Behind the Steel Curtin does an outstanding job documenting Steelers prospect meetings and visits.

 on: Yesterday at 14:54 
Started by aj_law - Last post by aj_law
Fucking Goodell will want to go the other way.  Drag the shit out interminably, see how many times you can milk a fucking cat.  

Day 1, the first Friday in April.  Pre-draft special reporting from noon until the first first-round pick at 10 p.m.  Only the first pick of the draft is announced, with hours of pre-selection speculation over trades, etc.

Day 2, the first Saturday in April.  Round one, picks 2-5.  Coverage from 9 a.m., with 1 hour for each pick "on the clock," and 1 hour of draft analysis "off the clock" between the on-clock hours, running until 6 p.m.  Teams are not allowed to select before their hour is up.

Day 3, the first Sunday in April.  Round one, picks 6-10.  Coverage from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., using the Day 2 format.

Day 4, the first Thursday after the first draft weekend in April.  Round one, picks 11-20.  Coverage from 6 p.m. till midnight.  Things really get cooking here, with each team allotted only 30 minutes apiece, and 6 minutes of time between the on-clock hour for heart-rending stories from players in the draft.  "My diddy had a condition call progeria, so's he was already all shrivel like a great-grand-diddy when I was little..."  "My left arm never got no bigger'n a baby arm.  The doc said they'd try stretchin' it with weights, but all it done did was turn it into a flipper, so I started kickin'..."  


Day 24, the last Sunday in May.  All-day wrap-up of the draft and the countdown to Mr. Irrelevant, newly renamed by Goodell as The Last Man In.  Features include:

*Draft Day Memories, from rookies selected on Day 23.  "I remember it like it was yesterday... I was starting to think I would never even get drafted.  Then I was on the hopper with a really irritable crap, one of them where you push a little more, and more just keeps coming out, and you're thinking, 'Whoa, where's this even all coming from?' and 'Is it ever gonna end?', when all of a sudden, out comes a little more..."

*The Momma Montage.  Footage of teary mothers hugging their enormous offspring moments after being drafted.  Includes:  Hilarious Bloopers ("No, momma, they're not called the Bung Holes!"), Whoopsie - Momma Had Herself a Wardrobe Malfunction! ("I've gotta say, it looks like momma could crush a beer can between those things!"), and Sleepy Mommas ("Momma, wake up!  MOMMA!  I know it been eight weeks now, but I been drafted!  Momma, you ain't dead is you?!").

*Punkin' the Losers.  Hilarious footage of collegiate prospects from years past getting set up for hilarious pranks on their jobs as car salesmen, fast food employees, and derelicts who live in their parents' basement.  

*slow clap*

 on: Yesterday at 14:51 
Started by Finnegans Wake - Last post by aj_law

ILB (5)

1. Khalil Mack, Buff. (1a)
2. Ryan Shazier, OSU (1b)
3. CJ Mosley, Bama (1b-1c)
4. Carl Bradford, ASU (2-3)
5. Kyle Van Noy, BYU (2-3)

Notes:  Mack won't last, and ILB at 1.15 doesn't appear in the plans.  Neither does it in R2-3, but if Bradford or Van Noy fall, or we wait for value, we could make out well.

OLB (5)

1. Khalil Mack, Buff (1a)
2. Jadaveon Clowney, SC (1b)
3. Anthony Barr, UCLA (1c-2)
4. Dee Ford, Auburn (2)
5. Kyle Van Noy, BYU (2-3)

Notes:  A lot of asterisks to the top OLB.  Definitely looks like we'll tap this later.

I'm not up much on LBs outside the top 2 or 3 for each, but I'm a little surprised you didn't consider Skov as a R3 prospect.  I assume it's the injury history?  If it wasn't for that, he'd probably be a 2nd rounder.  Dude is a tackling machine and just doesn't miss in the open field.  Physical, firey kinda guy.  I look at him and I just see a young, faster Potsie.  Maybe even a poor man's Seau?  That might be overstating it, but he strikes me as one of those guys that can do anything you ask at the LB position.  If he checks out medically, would be a solid pick in R3 or R4.  Check out some of the video on him if you haven't and tell me what you think.

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