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 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 20:30 
Started by aj_law - Last post by kluisi61
This just in...Brady wants to be the only one in the locker room touching and rubbing the balls. I guess at least he didn't say blowing and sucking.

Brady said before games he'll go through a process of picking out the balls prior to the officials' inspection. He said he wouldn't want anyone messing with them after that.

"When I pick those footballs out, at that point to me they’re perfect," Brady said. "I don’t want anyone touching the balls after that. I don’t want anyone rubbing them, putting any air in them, taking any air out. To me those balls are perfect and that’s what I expect when I show up on the field."

I love how they expect us to be completely stupid and believe that no one knew. It must have been just a rogue ball boy trying to give the team an edge and no one even noticed. I also love how Brunell called him out on exactly that point too.

After Brady's remarks, former NFL quarterback Mark Brunell of ESPN flatly and with a touch of anger said he didn't believe what Brady said.

"I did not believe what Tom had to say," Brunell said on ESPN right after Brady was done. "Those balls were deflated, somebody had to do it, and I don't believe there's an equipment manager in the NFL that would on his own initiative deflate a ball without the starting quarterback's approval. I just didn't believe what Tom Brady had to say."

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 15:53 
Started by aj_law - Last post by jonzr
Oh geez!

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 15:35 
Started by jonzr - Last post by msdmnr2002
I would also like to say, I'm glad that smug bitch Rodgers and the Pack ( and their annoying fans) aren't winning the SB.

Given a choice among GB, NE, and Seattle (Indy had no shot), I'd take the Pack every time.

Seattle is the choice here, although not thrilled. They've taken advantage of a young talented roster. We'll see how they look after they have to give Wilson the 9 figure salary.

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 15:02 
Started by aj_law - Last post by aj_law
Missed one.  Don't know how that happened.

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 14:58 
Started by aj_law - Last post by aj_law
Latest version. 

"Gold, Jerry!  Gold!!"

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 13:54 
Started by aj_law - Last post by steelerfaninCO
I'm starting to wonder how much traction this story will eventually get. BB had a presser today just for this topic. Said he "shocked" to hear about the allegations. LMAO. Also stated that in his time in the league, he has never thought about the balls air pressure. Hilarious. Pretty much shoved it over to Brady.

Also said they were cooperating with league. Kind of reminds me of the scene in Fargo when Margie is interviewing Jerry Lundegaard at the car dealership , and he's like, " I'm working with ya here. I'm cooperating......... we're doing all we can.", while looking super shady.

Brady has a press conference later today.

I'm having way to much fun creating meme's for this...I really need to get back to work.

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 13:47 
Started by jonzr - Last post by steelerfaninCO
I'm not too thrilled about the prospect of the Hags going back to back but......

Fuck the Pats and Golden Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Losing this one would give them a 3-3 record (side note: 6 SB appearances is unbelievable). Take a little shine off them to be sure. The Hooded Cheat is the sorest loser EVER, and it would be great to see him at the podium having to deal with the loss.

I'm a little worried De-flategate is going to fire them up, but I think the Sea D on the Pats O is a bad matchup for NE. If they don't get Gronked, or smoke a Blount, Seattle's D will be in good shape. NE doesn't really have a downfield passing game, and Sherman will take out a side of the field.

I would also like to say, I'm glad that smug bitch Rodgers and the Pack ( and their annoying fans) aren't winning the SB.

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 13:04 
Started by jonzr - Last post by aj_law
Yeah, Wilson over Brady.

They need to stop with all the disrespect and "greatest defense evah" talk, tho.  They weren't an underdog (I think) in any game they played this year.  Green Bay was +7.5 underdog; the largest underdog point spread in Rodgers' career.  And, when push came to shove, they let the Pack march downfield with hardly any resistance and get in FG range right after they took the lead.  GOAT defenses don't do that.  They also don't give up 24 to the Raiders or 28 to the Rams either.

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 12:36 
Started by aj_law - Last post by aj_law
Payton was suspended for a year with zero proof of bounty orders.  Billy deserves no less than the same, if not more.  TBH, what Billy did was much, repeat offender.

The NFL can't let this slide.

Yeah, remember that when Sean Peyton had no knowledge of the bounty issues, ol' Rog famously said that ignorance was no excuse.  Will that apply to Bellycheat's ignorance of the air pressure of the game balls?

Did they burn those game balls yet?

Plus, now everyone is supposed to believe that the supreme hooded master genius HC, who is a stickler for details, suddenly has no knowledge of whether all the balls are properly inflated or not.

The guy can probably tell when they use a different product to shampoo the rugs in the locker room, but gameball P.S.I?....*pffffffft*...*waves hand*...whatevs...not fucks given.

 on: Jan 22, 2015 at 09:54 
Started by TwistedLemon - Last post by The Emperor
Round 1 Pick 22: Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota (B-)
 Round 2 Pick 24: Anthony Harris, SS, Virginia (A)
 Round 3 Pick 23: Doran Grant, CB, Ohio State (A-)
 Round 4 Pick 22: Donovan Smith, OT, Penn State (A)
 Round 5 Pick 24: Corey Crawford, DE, Clemson (B+)
 Round 6 Pick 23: J.R. Tavai, OLB, Southern California (B-)
 Round 7 Pick 22: Malcolm Agnew, RB, Southern Illinois (C+)


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