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Author Topic: Female Steeler fans  (Read 2788 times)

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« Reply #20 on: Sep 19, 2007 at 18:55 »

We all don't have wives, thank you very much.  I used to have a wife, but she is now buried in my backyard.  Just kidding, she actually is WAAAAAAY across country in San Diego.  She got the better end of the deal when it comes to weather, I am closer to Pittsburgh and the Steelers, so it evens out in the end.

Still waiting on a wardrobe malfunction by LeighClay...

Speaking of wardrobe malfunctions, Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction in the SB has changed my life drastically.  I like to watch the Steelers at a bar in Sharon, PA called Billy's Black and Gold.  Before the wardrobe malfunction, hereafter to be referred to as BWM, Billy's used to air the Steelers games and turn the volume down so we could listen to Myron and Co.  However, AWM(after wardrobe malfunction), those of us at Billy's have been forced to listen to the regular game announcers, since the game delay, due to the afore mentioned wardrobe malfunction, causes the radio announcers to be really far off.  So while viewing Janet's breast was really, really nice, it has screwed up my life ever since that fateful day.

I like breasts, unless it messes with my Pittsburgh Steelers
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Brownstains can suck my Member

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« Reply #21 on: Sep 20, 2007 at 00:32 »

when can we get the "unedited" version??  what's all this talk of cleavage and breasts with cinci?  we win and we get a peek or something....this board maybe taking a turn here.  do any of the girls here happen to be from AJ Law's archive of pics?

"If you make every game a life and death proposition, you're going to have problems. For one thing, you'll be dead a lot."

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« Reply #22 on: Sep 20, 2007 at 00:51 »

THe little HBO segment on female steelers fans they showed toninght was great on INSIDE THE NFL. If anyone knows how to get that online it would be greatly appreciated.
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