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For those of you, like me, who live in an area where they don't show all (or any really) Steelers games you can try the following:

1)  Go to and DL the SOPCast program
2)  Go here: and click on the "numbers" below the game.  Sometimes there's one number, sometimes two.. one (or both) should work...
3)  Enjoy the live game and sound!

I'm far from a tech geek, but it's basically a TV feed online, so yes.. a good connection is recommended.  I've cable thru Comcast and it worked fine last week.   You can "blow up" the image one time and get a 4x4ish box.  

Oh, I forgot step 4... ENJOY!

no sports bars around??



3)  Enjoy the live game and sound!


Oh, I forgot step 4... ENJOY!
You didn't forget.  It's right there in step 3, the same word.  "Enjoy".

Pretty neat site.  Thanks!

I tried to watch some games and got a message that I was unable to click in on the game.  Is this a common occurrence?  

I could get some games, but not others.

I've only used it twice and haven't had any issues unless there are two sets of numbers are listed -- one will work and one won't.


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