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Author Topic: Looking back: should we have kept Plax?  (Read 3823 times)
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« Reply #40 on: Oct 18, 2007 at 21:21 »

There are a multitude of reasons why Moss isn't in Pittsburgh.....

1)  Moss is NE's #1.  He woulda hada shareda spotlight with Ward and Holmes.  Arguably he's doing that with Welker and maybe Stallworth.  But Moss is da guy, #1 in NE.  He holds the lion's share of the radiating spotlight in NE.  Ward is #1 here, whether the stats back it up this year or not.  Moss

2)  NE seemed closer to a SB than the Steelers.  New coach.  Coming off an 8-8 season.  Can Ben rebound from the 2006 injury-plagued season?  The Pats have a pretty good recent history when it comes to SB wins and that's gotta be a big goal for Moss.  

3)  P-G said today the Steelers lead the league in % of run plays.  Somewhere around 57%.  League average is 43%.  It's Bouchette's #s so they probably are a bit off.  But I definitely buy into the idea that Moss wants a more pass-friendly city.  Not that I think the Steelers never pass.  They do when it works, get ahead, and run to finish half the 3rd quarter and beyond.  It's the reputation the Steelers have built, regardless of some of the half truths.  

Moss would help any team.  Moss is a better receiver than any we've got.  Is Moss making less than Ced Wilson this year?  

NE did know Moss was healthy.  They attended the workout where he ran a 4.2somethin'.

In reality, I don't think Moss would have been interested in an offer from the Steelers and I don't think the Steelers were interested in offering anything for him.  

The reputation of both sides precede themselves.

Words to live by:  "Dick LeBeau is Dick LeBeau," Tomlin said. "Everybody knows Dick."
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« Reply #41 on: Oct 19, 2007 at 15:18 »

None of our WRs can get down the field or up in the air like Randy Moss. I just think that sort of attention would almost guarantee double or "Moss-side" bracket coverage on him and make it pretty darn difficult for anyone to give major attention to Heath Miller or stack up the 8th man in against Willie Parker and the run. That's my stance on it. More production can't be proven or disproven but I say it's obvious the opportunity would be there.
I agree with that.  I would say that there are very few WRs in the league that can do what he does.  Handful, tops.

I seem to remember having a discussion about Moss when it was rumored that he was being moved, but I couldn't find anything on it.  Hard to believe nobody here talked about it considering the player and team involved.  Maybe I just missed it.
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