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Author Topic: Faneca revisited  (Read 1586 times)

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« Reply #10 on: Oct 23, 2007 at 14:42 »

What makes the Essex pick so miserable is that Colbert thought that he was at least second round talent while the rest of the league's scouts were crossing him off their Round 7 projects list.  

A second frustration is a preponderance of guard skills in the O-line.  Willie Colon is at OT, but really should be at OG replacing Simmons.  But apparently Starks has regressed at RT and there's apparently no other options.   Stapleton might end up being OK, but he's also a friggin' C/G.  This isn't something that is going to be cured next year.
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« Reply #11 on: Oct 23, 2007 at 16:10 »

I think the successful 15-1 '04 campaign  diverting attention away from the OL issues coupled with the coaching staff changes helped get the Steelers to where they are now. The bad '03 season should have signaled a major project built around Redbeady McGee, so out goes Ross(who stunk it up that year),  and Kendall goes down. In comes a 3rd rounder and bang, they go 15-1. I believe the same 5 guys started all 16 games.

  So Cowbert, think to themselves they actually have a good line. Clearly they believed Chukky "I'm a starter" Okobi was taking over for the breaking down Hartings. They thought enough of Max to put  up 1st rounder tender on his restricted FA offer. They problably thought they would get Alan re-signed. Smith went to the Pro Bowl. And they thought Simmons(Colbert's guy) would return to rookie form for the the departing Vincent.
 2005 happens and its like Jekyll and Hyde with the good run thankfully well documented. I don't think after a 15-1 season followed by a SB victory Cowher thought he had OL problems. By the collapse of '06, their fate was already sealed. Cowher was on his way out and the new guys had a different plan. So Mahan gets signed and Okobi gets sent packing. Tough to say who was actually better since we never saw Chukky really have to play.
 Then Tomlin goes D in the draft. LB was definately a need. But know OL starters.
 Now we got Grumpy in the last year of his contract, a manic depressive LT, an unproven center, Kendall "London Bridges Falling Down" Simmons, and a first year starter a RT. Doesn't sound that great to anybody, but in fairness to Cowbert, since '03 1st round picks

 '03- Polamalu
 '04- The Mighty Big Mutha Fucka Ben Rothelisberger
 '05- Heat Miller
 '06- The ever improving SH

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« Reply #12 on: Oct 23, 2007 at 19:11 »

Compared to other teams' drafts, we don't do so badly.  Check how many starters from the '98-'03 drafts Miami has; I don't know if any of their picks even stuck at all.  It's easy to point out the Zo's and Cokes and 2nd day blunders, but if a team is solid, 2nd day talent isn't going to displace anyway.  In sum: assess and move forward.

Marvel Smith - Best days as a LT are behind him.  Might make an intriguing RT for another 2-4 years.  As such, can serve as a better "swing man" than, say, flat-footed Max Starks.

Alan Faneca - Despite some slippage from days of greatness, still a top guard in the league.  The nexus of age and salary make him a guy we won't consider.

Sean Mahan - Mahan's value as a stopgap center seems questionable.  At best, he looks like a serviceable OC/OG backup.  Don't see him as even an effective OG at either spot.

Kendall Simmons - The regression continues.  Like Mahan, his best value may be as a backup, or even better, as trade bait.

Willie Colon - Willie is playing some scrappy ball, but his natural position seems guard, and the rough and ready spot of RG at that.  

Max Starks - Does he have a place on this team?  At what price?  Is he worth more as a compensatory pick?  My feeling is Max walks.

Trai Essex - Utter shit.

Chris Kemoeatu - He's reached that Nkwenti moment.  Put up or shut up.  I'd try him at LG if we could trade Simmons and draft a guard to compete.

Darnell Stapleton - So what exactly did coaches see in this guy?  Is he another fluff project like Marvin Philip?


We need a franchise LT, preferably round 1-2.
We need a center, either Stapleton or a rook.
We need a LG, either internally, or better yet, a rook.


LT - Rookie (R1-2), [M. Smith]
LG - Rookie (R3-4), Mahan
C - Stapleton, Rookie (R4-6)
RG - Colon, Kemo
RT - M. Smith, [Colon]

That's an awfully green left side, but if a high investment, perhaps having the success of, say, Ugoh in Indy?  That's 8 in the lineup; we can afford 9-10.  Keeping Starks then, or Simmons, makes sense.  Is 50% of our draft going to OL too much?  Nah.

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« Reply #13 on: Oct 23, 2007 at 20:13 »

If drafting a potential franchise LT, we will HAVE to move up...probably into the top 5.  That means trading away several day 1 picks..probably our #1, #2 and #2 next year, or #1 this year and next -- if not more.

I would do that if we have a "can't miss" prospect up there, and the right trade partner. But make no mistake, it will hurt us later.

Then, we could move Marvel to RT, either Colon or Mahan to G. Find a Center (or guard if Mahan stays at C) in FA.


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