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Author Topic: I'm fucking pissed  (Read 562 times)
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« on: Nov 20, 2007 at 14:24 »

(this was posted, in general, on another board already so I apologize in advance for the repetition to those that have already seen it)

at the Steelers (from top to bottom) on how they went into a road game and clearly took a team for granted.

Yes, the Jets are probably better than their record indicates as they've had several close losses, but this is the second game in a row where Pittsburgh played ugly.  They were able to do it and get a win against Cleveland, but they can't expect to do that, repeatedly, and contend in this league.  They simply have to bring their "A" game every goddamned week, regardless of who their opponent is because every game, every win, is crucial.

As to specific aspects of the team, I don't even know where to start.  Pretty much everybody deserves to be In the News this week.  As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even bother with specific scenarios for each player, just put up a fuckin' team photo because every motherfuckin' one of them is to blame on some level or another.  

The O-line continued the atrocious play; Ben made several poor reads and bad decisions; Parker did way too much stutter stepping on those rare occasions when a defender wasn't on top of him as he took the handoff; the WRs had drop after drop; getting blown off the ball on defense; missing tackles; giving up 100+ to that line and TJ (who is a decent RB, but hasn't had much to show for it this year); the sacks; the special teams fuck ups; the playcalling...*sigh*.  I'm not asking, nor do I expect perfection, in all aspects from this team, but I certainly don't expect to see such utter dog shit across the board.  Ben stepped up last week and carried them.  Nobody was able to do it this week.

However, just because they played like a bunch of scared girls this week, it doesn't mean I'm ready to write off the season completely as so many "experts" are doing.  In one week, they go from being "the 3rd best team in the league" to "a squad that isn't as good as their record indicates" or "one of the most overrated teams in the league."  Thanks for that one, Emmitt.  I guess if you're not blowing out every team by 30+ every week, you're crap.  Trap games happen.  The test will be how they respond down the stretch.

Another thing that I'm really tired of (this is geared towards the ESPN crowd as it doesn't really happen much here) is all of the "How are they going to beat the Patriots?" or "No way they can hang with New England" junk.  Apparently, the team is doing the same thing that a lot of fans are doing.  Worrying about how other squads are faring and not taking care of their own goddamned business.

Well, I tell you what, if everybody keeps pulling that shit, they're going to hand Miami their first win of the season on a silver fucking platter because this is another game that's ripe for being taken for granted.  With the Fins going to Heinz in late November, there's no excuse for a letdown.  You don't think Peazy is going to have that squad thinking this is their SuperBowl?  Think again.  I don't care what each player or coach needs to do to get themselves motivated and focused, but they better figure it the fuck out...and fast.

[/Motherfucking Rant]
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