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Author Topic: Ben hate and playoffs  (Read 437 times)

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« on: Dec 16, 2007 at 16:11 »

This is just an open rant by me, not directed at anyone in particular....but i cannot STAND the hate Big Ben gets from a lot of Steeler fans. All I hear is 'he holds the ball too long', 'he throws too many picks', he 'locks onto the wr'. My response is this. Get your head out of your ass!! Have you seen our sorry excuse for an OL? Even playing devils advocate for a moment, let's just say he does those things most of the time. He has what, like 29 tds and 11 ints WHILE having those deficiencies? That is REALLLY reaching IMHO. Ben is the LEAST concerning feature of this football team. He will only get better, and he is still pretty damn good. I would venture that every team (save for two) would take Ben on their team in a heartbeat. So STOP THE HATE!

Regarding the p layoffs, I am starting to not care in a way if they get their or not. It is evident they will get crushed, MAYBE win one game if they luck out and play the Browns. The main reason I want  them in is I love playoff ball, and you always have a 'chance', as slim as it may be. But also, it would be a monumental collapse to have a two game lead on a team with four two play AND you swept them, and lose the division (let alone miss playoffs all together). Heads would have to roll for that, wouldn't they? They would just have to.

Anyways sorry for the ramblings, I am just frustrated right now and realize that the Steelers are a lot of tinkering and key pieces away from being a LEGIT contender again (whole revamped OL, new WR, pass rushing DE, etc....)

FWIW, I let haggans walk, re-up starks, cut marvel smith, and look OT or C BIG time....sadly we look stuck with mahan and simmons contracts....maybe a OL next yr of (l to r) ufa/dp-simmons-ufa/dp-colon-starks? It could be no worse than the shape we are in now...
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