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Author Topic: What to do, what to do?  (Read 461 times)
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« on: Aug 14, 2008 at 14:34 »

I am actually posting this in two places because I'm not sure where it goes.

Occasionally, I've posted updates about my son's HS football career.  We are in a real mess this year, and I'm not sure how to approach it.  He is a senior, 6-1, 280, benches 315, etc.  He's pretty slow, but not terrible for oline.  He's playing backup right tackle in a program that returned every offensive line starter from last season.

He is getting very little PT in preseason, and I'm afraid that I'm about to become one of "those dads."  If he was a junior, I wouldn't say a word.  I'd be very happy with how he's coming along and his potential.  But he's a senior, and this is probably his last shot to play.  Plus, I see our defensive line getting killed--we've given up TDs on 80% of the drives against us during scrimmages.  Why not see if a bigger, stronger kid can help on the other side of the ball?

My debate is to talk with the coach or not talk with the coach.  My son has had a lot of things go against him, the least of which is not the fact that he has his third head coach in four years due to moving.  Do I dare to even approach the coach?  My son has basically said, "If you do, I'm not having any part of it."  He won't quit and he's completely committed to this team.  But I don't want to see him wasting away on the sidelines all year.


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