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Author Topic: 401k? I don't need no steenking 401k...  (Read 1936 times)
Big Virgil
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« Reply #10 on: Oct 11, 2008 at 09:31 »

SS certainly won't allow me to continue any kind of lifestyle I desire, but in today's dollars, if you were currently retired and getting $1000 per month, that is a nice extra chunk of change.  My idea of retirement is not having a mortgage payment, not paying for daycare, obviously, no credit card debt, and a maximum of one installment loan (house repairs, car pmt, etc).  Having said that, if I'm not driving to work every day, going out to lunch occasionally, and whatever else, I figure I can still do some traveling and have a decent lifestyle at 3,000 per month.  That actually sounds like a lot.  If 1/3 of that is SS, then that is decent.  Certainly not what it was envisioned to be back in the day.  The X factor is will ther be anything left after the boomers.

Privitization?  I worry about the privater sector bilking the piss out of it.  Someone will gladly take it over and manage it, with 75% of the funds going to administrative costs.

Current market - Buy low baby!!!!!!!!

I have an annuity through an insurance company (hybrid life insurance and annuity wrapped together) that was kicking the crap out of my 401K, before last week.  Might look at throwing some more money at it.
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Looks like you've been missing a lot of work lately.
I wouldn't say I've been *missing* it, Bob.
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