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Author Topic: Christophers for Obama: Buckley and Hitchens  (Read 717 times)
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Have a cup o' joe.

« on: Oct 14, 2008 at 10:57 »

Wow, didn't think I'd be reading something like this anytime soon.

It's like I've been telling my neighbors - the time to vote for McCain was eight years ago.

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« Reply #1 on: Oct 14, 2008 at 12:23 »

The time for Bob Barr is now.

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« Reply #2 on: Oct 16, 2008 at 19:02 »

I will preface the following comment by saying I am a Barack Obama "homer", yard sign, campaign donation, bumper sticker, the whole bit. I have never done anything like that before and may never do it again. Anywho, after last night's debate BO looks and carries himself as completly unflappable and very presidential. I feel like I could take a dump in his sugar bowl and he would laugh it off, and we could watch a Bulls game together.  Blinky McBlinkington has no answers and doesn't even have a prayer of connecting with me. Being a middle class citizen, like probably 95% of the people on this board, I am a firm believer that the economy can't survive without people like us spending money. It doesn't trickle down and it never will. For every $20 I put in savings, Neil Golub puts $1000 and he will never have to spend his. For what it is worth, Neil is the boss, and one of the founders sons, at the grocery store chain I work for Price Chopper. I will say thank god we aren't a publicly traded company or I would be unemployed, considering the competition. The proposals of Blinky are incredibly Bush like and turn my stomach. How can it get better under his leadership at all. I understand many people believe in small government but that hasn't happened over the last 8 years at all. I have 4 children's futures to worry about in my home and by no means do I think their future educational opportunities or career opportunities seem bright. My wife and I can barely put that previously mentioned $20 aside for us a week so how in the blue hell can we put it aside weekly for our kids. I don't even feel confident that I can steer them towards the military since Blinky wants to blow up every nation in the world, including freaking Spain for Christ's sake.

For final thoughts I will add that Blinky is out of touch with many people in this country on abortion, energy policies,and job creation. He has no answers and he has resorted to negative campaining to save his chances. They all have skeletons in their closets and for Blinky McBlinkington to bring out BO's associations and not feel any concern or remorse about his is appalling to the utmost degree, i.e Charles Keating, Rick Davis. And I will end my rant with Blinky's views on abortion. Yes I have 2 daughters and 1 step daughter and I will never, ever, tell them what they can and can't do to their bodies. I will attempt to teach them, and guide them, on the right ways to protect themselves, but if their health or life is in danger because of a pregnancy I will allow them to make the right choice for themselves, without question, and in a McCain/Palin administration my daughters life could be put in danger because they see it necessary for every birth to be made, whether it is safe or not, and that, my friends, makes me angry.

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