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Author Topic: My Friggin' Worthless Opinion--Offensive Edition  (Read 372 times)
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« on: Dec 08, 2008 at 07:27 »

Well, well, well...all that is good about football and the NFL triumphs yesterday over the Evil Empire.  And what a game it was.

My comments today will focus on one area of our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, and that would be the offense.  We don't need to comment on the defense because they speak for themselves.  The Steel Curtain is as strong as ever, is playing on a historic level, and once again won the game for us.

As for the offense...well...

1.  Hey Mike, kick the !@#$%* field goal down on the goal line!  Now, this goes against everything I believe about football; but with our track record of goal line offense this year, might be time to go CowherPower and just take the points.

2. should have plenty of hits today.  However, I think that it's time to expand that to FireOffensiveCoaching  Our total offensive game plan and preparation is absurd.  I think the offensive line has improved, but they are far from where they need to be, and our coaches still fail to make the necessary adjustments to account for that fact.

3.  Might also need to fire up FireBearnRofelingsbar  (Okay, not really, but...)  Ben just infuriates me with his inconsistent play.  How a guy can look so lost and then suddenly look like Montana is just beyond me.  I'd really like to see him improve on that.  Like, NOW.

4.  What the crap are we doing in the first half trying to throw the ball deep INTO THE WIND?  Heck, the wind in South Carolina was ridiculous yesterday.  I can only imagine what it was like on that field.  THROW THE SHORT STUFF, MORONS!

5.  I thought Nate Washington was coming around.  I now have my doubts.  Yes, he makes some great plays, but he still flops around on others and doesn't really make plays on the football like he should.  I think he is about all that he's going to be, and I'm not sure that's enough.

6.  I won't even bother going through the absurd play calls.  I'll let you guys have fun with that by completing this sentence:
"I think the worst play call of the day was _____________________ ________."

7.  Again, the inconsistency of the thing is what bothers me.  They come out like gangbusters and then fall off; or, they look like the three stooges and then turn it on.  How can they be that unprepared?

8.  I am still amazed by the lack of pass routes that drag a wr, te, rb over the middle.  We constantly have mid-range routes wide open and we never have a receiver there to take up that space.  How hard is it to run a receiver out there and have him sit down in the zone?  Why can't Hines run those little drag routes like Welker does?  Get HW, MM, or SH in the middle, matched up on a LB, and we're going to have some big plays.  It's been going on for about four years, and still hasn't been fixed.  With our offensive line woes, these routes would be invaluable.

9.  Ben still holds on to the ball too long, but that may well be a direct result of #8.  I can't tell when he is calling the plays or when Arians is, but if he was making the calls in the 4th Qtr., then I'm all for him doing it the rest of the year.

10.  Most beautiful image of the day:  TO bitchin' and moanin' on the sidelines during the final minute!

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« Reply #1 on: Dec 09, 2008 at 09:45 »

Most beautiful image of the day: TO getting on the bus in his camo, taking the front seat and sitting with his head down for at least 20 minutes.

Tell 'em...Large Marge sent ya! Bwhahahaha
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