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Author Topic: You just can't make this stuff up!  (Read 467 times)
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« on: Dec 17, 2008 at 07:32 »

Ventured over to the ESPN board for about 53 seconds this morning.  Left quickly after I found this one:

especially for what hes getting paid. we beat baltimore either by our defense bailing us out and playing great througout (proud of them guys but feel bad since our offense sputters due to ben, reminds u somewhat of when our d was great with lloyd at the helm and him kept getting p.o. of our offense), or if ben manages the game properly. no way we beat them if he tries to air it out since hes simply not good at throwing downfield unless its short cross patterns or dump-offs. ive said this all year, and ill keep saying it, never posted about it on before but here it goes. im a big steelers fan been so forever. however, i am not a fan of ben rothelesberger. the play calling is pathetic but i have to believe it has alot to do with ben and his deficiencies as a passer. sure he, may be the best, or 2nd best, considering jeff garcia, when it comes to avoiding pressure and making something out of nothing, but when it comes to hitting receivers in stride, he simply cannot do it. so many times he will have a receiver that got behind the d-back who is streaking down the sidelines wide open, and he poorly underthrows the ball to where either the receiver as to break stride of a would-be td to adjust to his weak arm. say what u want about bens injured shoulder but this has happened ever since his post-motorcylce accident career. he always underthrowing wr's going back the past few years, can remember so many instances that its become so uncommon and unlikely that he ever will hit a receiver deep in stride with a pass. seems like whenever he has to put air under the ball, he cant, hence the short dump passes, and the abundance of running plays on 1st and 3rd downs, and even on 4th and inches since simply put seems like Arians dont trust him with the ball in pressure situations due to seeming like he panics and either throws the ball without recognizing the open guy or overthrows the open guy. i remember the superbowl we won wasnt becaust of ben, but randle els perfect spiral deep down field to hines ward, something ben never could do. yeah ben broke tackle and ran for the td, but at his position he should be able to pass the ball consitantly and accurately for plays 25+ yds. hopefully we get a qb coach back here soon for our million dollar investment. brees, manning, mcnabb, rivers, cutler, favre and even rodgers all can hit their receivers in stride and make the proper reads.

Not that I completely disagree with every word, but this sure sounds like some of the things that we write for fun!  We might even draw out some new grammar errors from this one!  Grin

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« Reply #1 on: Dec 17, 2008 at 10:32 »

Almost HarryAway~ish or something close to or vaguely resembling being HarryAway~ish.
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