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Author Topic: Great Story--anything special???  (Read 443 times)
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« on: Dec 25, 2008 at 09:24 »

I think it's great that Dwayne Wade did this to help out a family.  I think it's great that he helps kids and gives money to the needy and all that stuff.

But--is this really anything special?

What I mean is, when we've come to a point that we are "shocked" when overpaid celebrities actually do something good with all their money, it's a sad statement on our society.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am glad that Wade is such a good person, and appreciate all the athletes who use their fame and fortune for good.  But, honestly, he's no more special than the person who volunteers at the soup kitchen every week or spends his weekends working for Habitat or plucks a family off an angel tree at work or school or WalMart.  Those who do such things get no recognition, but it's the people who make helping others a lifestyle that truly make a difference.  Again, Wade seems to be one of those people, but the size of the gift SHOULD be bigger when you're pulling down 20 mil a year.

This year, our youth group found a family that had 10 people.  Dad just got laid off, mom stays at home with the kids, a sister living w/them just got laid off, etc.  Our students got together tons of gifts (practical stuff like clothes, shoes, and some just for fun things) and $200 worth of groceries for them.  Did we get an article in the paper?  Of course not (nor should we).  It was just one of those things that we all need to do more, something from the heart to respond to the needs of other human beings.

The heart & the attitude that it takes to do these kinds of things is what makes the difference.  The heart is the same no matter how "big" the gift is.  I'm glad that he doesn't seem like one of these guys who pulls stuff like this just to get his name in the paper.  However, instead of being in awe of him, we should be thankful to all those (including many of you, I'm sure) who did the little things every day to help others, even if it doesn't get the attention of the media.

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