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Author Topic: Mid year~ish assessment from Behind the Steel Curtain  (Read 82 times)
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« on: Yesterday at 12:04 »


Definitely don't agree with the JJ assessment, obv.

We suck because our drafts have been THE SUCK.
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« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 15:40 »

Mostly on board with this.  Small differences:

*Dri Archer.  He's behind expectation IMO, but only a little.  Thought he'd flash a few times but haven't seen it yet.  Not sure if that's lead blockers on returns, bad usage by Haley, or the rookie learning curve, but I'm certainly not one of those who called him a wasted pick.

*Martavis Bryant.  Incomplete, although he did show very well last week, and not just on the TD.  Need to see more for a good assessment.  Same with Dan McCullers, although in his very limited sample he had some awesome push to the pocket.

*Sean Spence.  I think Spence is a plus backup, not sold on him as a starter.  Rough start to the game last week.  Size concerns still manifest.  Can get burned in coverage.  Great story though, and glad to see him getting a shot.

*Markus Wheaton.  Way behind where I expected him.  Hard to say how much is on him, how much is on Ben.  Still hold out very high expectations for him, so he and BR need to get it together.

*Lance Moore.  Big dropoff from Cotchery, but then again it took Cotchery and Ben a while to really click.  Hoping Moore isn't too hard-wired into the Saints system and that he can really be a go-to vet.

*Jarbust.  You know how I feel.

*Most of the unit analysis is fine, but I have a difficult time plugging in Shamarko for Troy just yet.  Lets get him some reps and see how he responds.  I think he could be a Bob Sanders type, but the tape ain't there yet.

*Brice McCain had a nice pick-6 and in general has played better than I expected.  Not great, but OK.

*Down on Tomlin more than this article is.  Still think that although he runs a steady ship, preparation at the beginning of the season has been wanting, and this is an ongoing issue.  After trending the offense down the stretch last season, I expected more entering this season.  You can blame Haley for that, or Ben, or new faces; ultimately, it falls back on Tomlin to bring it all together.  That unit should not have had so many issues in getting some semblance of rhythm and RZ productivity together, and we're nearing the halfway point.

*STs have been mostly better than expected.  I'm not seeing us returning the ball like wildfire hellions, but teams aren't pushing their returns out to the 40 yard line like they used to all the time.  Coverage units have been solid, punting is improving, Swissy has been solid.

Out of my mind on Saturday night...
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