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Author Topic: It's EARLY...2010 MOCK DRAFT!  (Read 1838 times)
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« Reply #10 on: Dec 17, 2009 at 08:16 »

Sysadmin, I have to study Imeprio and Grimm.  Thurmond in R4 is spot on.  I think Selvie in R3 would also be good, although I have to figure out if he struggled this year more because he was doubled or because he just dropped off some.

I mentioned Bruce Campbell as a possible R2 for us, but I've been seeing lots of mocks that have him as a top-10 guy, and "possibly the most talented OT in the draft."  IMO, that's crazy.  Sure, he's a workout warrior and will look great in Indy.  I would have no problem taking him R2 or R3.  But R1?  How many games has the guy been healthy for?  Early this year, he looked a little over his head, because he just is so inexperienced... and now he's going to make the jump to the bigs and be just fine?  Major upside, major project, will take a lot of coaching.

There are a bunch of potential R1 OTs I would be interested in, though.  Bulaga out of Iowa, can play OG or OT, would be a huge help right away.  Same with Anthony Davis out of Rutgers.  Jason Fox from Miami is more a LT only, and may sneak into R1.  Okung would be nice, but won't fall.  USC's Charles Brown has some good skills but may be more finesse.

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« Reply #11 on: Jan 10, 2010 at 13:18 »

How about a draft that helps us get back the ability to push and shove with the best of 'em. As terrible as our coverage was, we were whipped in the trenches too damn often. Age on the D front 7 and crap talent on the O-line can be addressed in this draft, leaving the secondary for later.

I'm big on Dan Williams and I think he'd be a great addition, and I hope that Fox slips to our 2nd pick and that we'd nab him. Walton is a big athletic center, and Oghobaase is raw, but huge and strong, and could fit in at end for us or paly the occassional NT.

1.18) NT Dan Williams, Tennessee
2.20) OT Jason Fox, Miami
3.18) C J.D. Walton, Ariz State
4.18) DT Vince Oghobaase, Duke
5.20) ILB Micah Johnson, Kentucky
6.18) S Josh Pinkard, USC
7.20) CB Josh Gordy, Cental Michigan
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« Reply #12 on: Jan 11, 2010 at 13:28 »

Okay, I'll go with my early 3-round mock (I wouldn't go beyond that, just because the later rounds are so unpredictable)

My assumptions are that the Steelers re-sign Colon, but do not re-sign Hampton or Clark

1st round- The target guys I expect to be off the board are: Suh, McCoy, Berry, Okung, Haden, Thomas and McClain. If those guys are off the board, then I'd have to go with Cody. I know the weight issue is frontmost on a lot of people's mind, but if he hits the weight room hard, he could play at a super-powerful 400 lbs and still keep his quickness. He's 3 inches taller than Casey, and has a wider bone structure, so when you see 365 lbs. on him, it's not the same as 365 on Casey. (If that's not the pick, then I'd trade out into the mid-20's and go for a corner who has value at that spot like Donovan Warren or Patrick Robinson)

2nd round- Having taken care of the NT spot, I think the Steelers should make Steelernation lose their minds by passing on Taylor Mays who will still be available. The target guys I expect to be off the board at this point are: Mike Iupati, Brandon Spikes, Donovan Warren, Patrick Robinson, Ras I-Dowling, Reshad Jones, Morgan Burnett. The Steelers get Brandon Ghee to compete with Gay, Lewis, and Burnette (assuming Deshea is gone)

3rd round- Having adressed defensive area needs in the first two rounds, the Steelers grab Mike Tennant, center from BC.

That would mean we'd have to shore up safety, ILB, G. RB, and a bunch of other spots through free agency and the remaining picks.

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