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Author Topic: Interview with louie  (Read 381 times)
Finnegans Wake
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« on: Aug 26, 2010 at 13:40 »

Finnegans Wake: Just for the record, I am not louie.  Louie, can you tell us a little about yourself?

louie: yes

FW:  OK.  Um, like, anything specifically?

louie: my nam es oulie

FW: Is it at least fair to say that you've had some sort of traumatic brain injury, louie?

louie: its not fair

FW: You mean the brain injury... it wasn't fair that you got the injury?  Or am I incorrect that you have a brain injury?

louie: no its not wrong

FW:<louie: waik thm up

FW:<louie: cut wanner 60000 yard pasing eldanien tominson 150 yadr rush

FW:  Do you think Mike Wallace will get more than 975 yards receiving and 6 touchdowns this year, as one fantasy site projects?

louie: mike waffles100 td 10 tards asseving

FW: Louie, most MGS readers know you like to predict the Steelers will make the Super Bowl every season, and you often have some bold (if incomprehensible) assertions.  What do you think about the Steelers in the Super Bowl this year?

louie: i likie that

FW: Do you think the Steelers will get to the Super Bowl again?  Any idea of who they might face, and what the score would be?  Give us a louie special!

louie: pitsbug n dullas fuper bolw 455 steels 53-16-13 grimbay packles

FW: The Steelers will be making their roster cuts very soon.  Do you foresee the Turk making any surprise visits?

louie: a turkse thangkivin diner

FW:<louie: oh yehh

FW: Like, uh, what?

louie: amos zerroway

FW: Louie, Amos Zereoue has been off the team for, gosh, years now.  


FW: Louie, did you know Amos Zereoue was no longer on the team?


FW: Louie, do you have any prediction for the upcoming preseason game against the Broncos?

louie: fooamatamaffamalata 156 yadrs runshing

FW:<louie: yes

FW: OK, I should ask, what will the Steelers do if Troy gets hurt this season?  Last year the defense seemed to fall apart.

louie: arn smith

FW:<louie: arnthny smith

FW:  Anthony?  Anthony Smith?  The safety we cut, who was also cut by the Packers last year?  I think he latched on with the Jacksonville Jaguars.


FW:<louie:  steelr 14 raven 13

FW:  Thanks for sharing, louie.
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Have a cup o' joe.

« Reply #1 on: Aug 27, 2010 at 07:54 »

You, sir, are thee man.


"I like David Bowie, he was always my favorite member of Tin Machine."
- Rodney Anonymous

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