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Author Topic: 2011 Winter Classic  (Read 551 times)
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« on: Dec 26, 2010 at 14:48 »

The Winter Classic will be held at 1 pm on New Years Day outside in the cold. That's an early start if you celebrate NYE correctly. I'll admit that the tailgaiting aspect of an outdoor hockey game would be cool, however to get a decent spot for that you'd have to get into the lots early as hell. Not sure what time the lots open but probably 9 AM? On New Years? And still be motivated to booze it up? I don't get it.

I appreciate the novelty and all but this is going to be a shitty spectator experience, IMO. All the commercial delays. The delays for fixing the ice. The freezing of your own nuts. The guy from the barenaked Ladies. The Clarks. Styx!??! Not sure why this is so cool a thing to do.

Furthermore, is anyone convinced they're going to be able to see the puck in a stadium, unmodified, and built for football? The closest seats to the field are 30 yards away from the boards. You'll also never see over the boards if youre that close. Making the prime seating up in the upper deck. A mile away from that little black puck.

I hope things come off well. I especially hope my close, personal friend Sidney Crosby kicks ass. I just don't see how not seeing anything and freezing is this coveted experience amongst rapid fans.

The reason the last winter classic was so awesome was because I woke up hungover before the first faceoff, kept drinking by myself with nobody to bother me and watched my first HD hockey game in a warm indoor setting.

Go Pens.

Steelers 58-15 when I am in attendance.
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« Reply #1 on: Dec 28, 2010 at 08:24 »

Add all of that to the fact that it is supposed to be in the high 40s with rain. Good luck keeping the ice in good shape during that.

Part of me actually wishes they didn't get to host it this year. First, it took a home game away from the new arena. Second, it probably means they won't be in another for a long time, as every other team is bitching that they've had 2 in 4 years or whatever.

Agree with you though, unless you got some ringside seats you're better off watching at home. Sure there's the novelty factor but  I wouldn't sit in the nosebleeds and squint for 2 and half hours.
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