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Finnegans Wake:
rotting in the meddle eased

moo mar gaffy defint with his umbella

rotting in wisonsin

uh oh that pirit aint jonny deth

glen beths chalkbord

hoo boy those crazy karshadons

earth cakes in new zooland

lady goggles in a egg



glen beths chalkbord

Tim Russert's whiteboard was better

omama car socelism

pooholes cadinarls  dont sing contact estension

Quote from: Finnegans Wake on Feb 22, 2011 at 14:22

uh oh that pirit aint jonny deth

Finnegans Wake:
turb lance in lesbia moo mar hiding

guvinir of wisonsin gets prank call

what gona happen with three a half mans

hide the key lime pie plasco is gettin out

rudger goodall is crack hoor

glen beth says buy gold and dryd food

sudko hurt my head


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