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Author Topic: Week 2 - Sep 18 - Seattle  (Read 3179 times)
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« Reply #20 on: Sep 19, 2011 at 14:37 »

I think you're spot-on, aj.  OL, OL, oh hell.  I watched a bit of the SD @ NE game and watching Beardy just stand there with seemingly 6 seconds on every play is astounding, it's no wonder he can toss a beautiful 40 yard rainbow that hits his WR in stride as he jets into the ez. 

And I've had about enough of Mendenhall, same reasons.  Player better watch it or Redman will have him on the bench.

Redman is the shit. No nonsense, north-south. I get so sick of seeing Mendenhall dance like a freaking butterfly and spin like a top. Hit the hole or opposing player and go.

Tell 'em...Large Marge sent ya! Bwhahahaha
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« Reply #21 on: Sep 19, 2011 at 15:40 »

Marshawn Lynch.  It's really too bad about that guy's choice of employers because he's an absolute beast.

IIRC he didn't have much of a choice at all, it was Seattle or out of the league.

You're probably right.  I don't recall the details.  Still, congrats to Seattle on snagging a solid, starter quality, 3 down back for a case of Mountain Dew and a bag of sunflower seeds.  Pretty sure he costs less against the cap than MeMo.

And the inside running game, without a decent pair of guards, cannot open running lanes for Mendy.  I’d be surprised if they can open child-proof aspirin containers.

You know, those things are a bitch.
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« Reply #22 on: Sep 20, 2011 at 09:31 »

I agree with a lot of points up thread, with a couple of additional two cents to throw in.

-- Our neglect of the Offensive Line has me furious, too. It's bullshit. This is a QB's league. We happen to have a great one. So what do we do? Run an offensive line on a fucking shoestring. It's a disgrace. We invest big money in 36-year-old LBs and DEs, spend 1st-round picks on DEs that play part-time, let go an excellent-for-the-money solution at RT in Flozell. I do think that elsewhere on the team, we're well-positioned to replace aging players with young guys we've developed, but with the O-Line, we're at ground zero almost. We should have traded up a few spots in the 2010 draft to get a good LT, as there were a few solid prospects well within reach at the end of round 1.

-- I personally think Mendenhall has the potential to be a 1500-yards-per-year back. He can hit people like a tank but has some quick feet as well. Too quick, to be sure, as his dance-to-hammer ratio is too high. But can you blame him, running behind the shit he's dealing with? Jesus, if you got Ngata'd in the face right after getting the ball, you'd be ready to do a spin move as soon as you approached the LOS, too.

I think it is time to expand Redman's role in the offense, though. Something tells me that if Mendy sat out a game, Redman would put up a buck fifty as a starter.
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