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Author Topic: Finny's week 14 picks  (Read 558 times)
Finnegans Wake
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« on: Dec 07, 2011 at 13:07 »

Week 14 is here, and the Steelers face an absolutely dreadful Browns offense at home, then get a long layover before flying to San Fran to test the other douchewad Harbaugh’s defense.  The Steelers are coming off an inexplicably close win over the dreadful Chiefs and a pleasantly surprising blowout of a pretty decent Bengals team, reinforcing the notion that (Ravens excepted), the Steelers play to the level of their competition.  That means if you’re expecting the Steelers to drop mad points on the Browns, it could well be one of those games that’s still too fucking close for comfort late in the fourth quarter.  This is all part of a master strategy to give hardcore Steelers fans stress-induced myocardial infarction.

Cleveland Browns +14 (4-8) at Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3).

When the Steelers get these big Vegas lines it always makes me nervous.  It’s almost as though the guys wait and see if they get a double-digit line, and then go out on a week-long drinking and whoring spree.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, until a game we should win by 14 comes down to a 4-point win and broken remotes litter Steelers fans’ living rooms.  The last 10 games against the Browns have been won by the Steelers 9 times, but the margin of victory has been wildly inconsistent.  Half of those games have been won by 14 or more (32, 18, 31, 27, 20) and half by less (L by 7, 13, 4, 3, 4).  Of course, that assumes that the Browns have been as consistent in terms of personnel, coaching, and performance going back to 2006 as the Steelers, which they have not.

Remember when Colt McCoy was the surprising upstart rookie of the AFCN, a competent signal-caller whose transition to the NFL was, well, Dalton-esque?  What happened to that guy?  McCoy’s completing just under 58% of his passes for a 76.9 passer rating.  Part of it is coaching change, part may be that coordinators have a year of film to analyze, but really, the biggest factor is talent.  Peyton Hillis is their best player, and he’s been slowed by some sort of mystery flu and still isn’t back to his old productivity.  Some think he’s unhappy with his contract, but in all likelihood he has an undetected staph infection that will result in his being a double-amputee by year’s end.  Montario Hardesty will probably tote the rock against the Steelers.

The Browns receivers are just crap.  Over time, they may develop into something less crappy, in much the way dogshit on the lawn turns white and odorless.  But you still wouldn’t want to eat old dogshit, which tells me the Browns organization might want to get some skill players, you know, some time.  No hurry, though, really.  With Holmgren the whiny walrus as Browns prez, the Steelers should be able to count on two wins a year for the foreseeable future.  Just compare stats for the top 5 receivers for both teams.

(513-1) Greg Little vs. Mike Wallace (977-8)
(392-2) Ben Watson vs. Antonio Brown (774-1)
(358-4) Josh Cribbs vs. Heath Miller (497-2)
(265-2) Mo Massaquoi vs. Hines Ward (319-2)
(226-1) Jordan Norwood vs. Manny Sanders (274-2)

Last year, I showed that the Steelers struggle when opposing teams have 4 or more viable receiving threats.  This year, the Steelers DB corps may prove that wrong, but there ain’t one receiver the Browns have who's legit.  If Josh Cribbs can’t get STs action or rushing yardage, the Browns are stuck in the mud.  They just have nothing.  Ike will shut down the oxymoronically named Little, who drops a lot of passes, and the rest of this squad just isn’t productive.

As aj noted, the Steelers aren’t configured to just line up and run it down anyone’s throat, and the Browns will look to limit Mendy in the early action.  Bruce Arians will undoubtedly call some shitbag fucking melodrama of an offensive game plan, with slow-developing screens and plenty of plunges up the middle for loss of yardage.  And Manny Sanders will probably be held out as he heals from knee and foot issues.  Joe Haden will likely be on Wallace, who’s been up and down of late, so Antonio Brown and Heath Miller will likely be the targets to open up the offense.  Old Man Ward will get his catches, too.

As much as I can see the Steelers getting mired on offense early, I can’t envision this actually coming down to being a 4-point win.  Not at home, not on a short week, and not with the Browns so dreadful on offense.  The Browns scoring defense stats are skewed by virtue of having played some truly shit teams (Jax, St. Lou, Seattle, Miami at the time), while decent teams have been able to score on them (Cinci 27 and 23, Tenn 31, Oakland 24, Houston 30, Balt 24).  If the Steelers can somehow establish the run early, it’s all over.  But I see this as a 3-0 1Q kind of game, maybe 13-6 at the half, 20-6 at 3Q, and 27-6 at the final buzzer.  Prediction:  FUCK THE BROWNS.
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Out of my mind on Saturday night...
Finnegans Wake
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« Reply #1 on: Dec 07, 2011 at 15:36 »

Indianapolis Colts +16.5 (0-12) at Baltimore Ravens (9-3).  The question isn’t “who?” but rather “by how much?”  Dan Orlovsky replaces the tragic Curtis Painter at QB for the Colts, and should promptly be eaten alive by this Ravens defense.  The Colts best CB, Jerraud Powers, is done, so Ray Rice should notch another 200 yards rushing and Fucco probably won’t have that befuddled expression he gets when the Ratties offense can’t get going.  You know that expression.  The next time you watch a Ravens game, insert these thought balloons when Fucco gets that look:

“Ewwww… why does my finger smell like poo…?”
“Oh no…!  That wasn’t a fart…!”
“Why did I eat all those burritos…?  My sphincter is aflame…!”
“Why does dogshit turn white, anyway?  Wait, did I miss something on the field?”
“I hope my assbeard isn’t full of fleas…”
“Does a quivering duodenum portend violent diarrhea…”
“Is that pronounced doo-ODD-en-um or doo-oh-DEE-num?”
“Why is diarrhea sometimes spelled diarrhoea?  Wouldn’t that be pronounced di-uh-ROE-ee-uh?”

It’s a sad state of affairs when a grown-assed man of almost 50 has to resort to this level of humor, shit and fart and diarrhea jokes, but that’s what you’ve driven me to.  Yes, it’s your fault, you idiots.  Besides, how much ink can you waste on the Colts being made into Alpo in Baltimore?  Prediction:  Colts covered the spread against the Patriots when Belichick uncharacteristically decided to stop running up the score.  Harbaugh, the cock, won’t do that.  Ravens 30, Colts 3.

Houston Texans +3 (9-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (7-5).
 Texans, even with a gimpy Andre Johnson and down to third string QB TJ Yates, have won 6 straight.  Competent Bengals started the season 6-2 but have lost 3 of 4 with Steelers and Ravens inflicting the damage.  Two good defenses (edge:Houston), two good running games (edge: Houston), two winning rookie QBs (edge: Cinci), and one team beginning to need this to stay relevant in the wild card race (Cinci).  Bengals have played pretty well, even in their losses, and I think Dalton’s skill is the edge in a tough game for both teams.  Could be a preview of the wild card game in Houston if things fall as I think they might.  Prediction:  Without Johnson, Texans come up short versus motivated Bengals team.  Bengals 17, Texans 14.

Kansas City Chiefs +9 (5-7) at New York Jets (7-5).
 Chiefs defense has shown some signs against a stuttering Steelers offense and a gutted Bears squad, but they don’t show any signs of offense.  Jets only got 13 on the board in loss at Denver, beat a free-falling Bills team by 4 at home, and then couldn’t get on track in Washington until late.  I’m not impressed by this Jets offense, and that line seems suspiciously high.  Prediction: Defenses dominate this ugly matchup, but unlike last week the Jets don’t pile on late.  Jets 17, Chiefs 10.

Minnesota Vikings (2-10) at Detroit Lions (7-5).
 No line on this game with Peterson’s status in the air, but assuming he will be a scratch.  Line should settle at about -7 Lions.  With Kevin Smith also questionable and no Lions runners besides Smith, it comes down to Matt Stafford working over a soft Vikings secondary.  The Vikings have had some luck establishing Toby Gerhart, and the Lions without Ndumbass Suh aren’t getting pressure on the QB, and their secondary is also a bit weak right now.  Ponder’s been doing the best one can expect of a rookie with precious few wideouts of any value, so edge in running to the Vikes, passing to the Lions, may be a lot closer than 7.  Prediction:  Lions 27, Vikings 23.

New Orleans Saints -3.5 (9-3) at Tennessee Titans (7-5).
 Saints are averaging 33 points per game, and are on a 4-game winning stream.  But they’re only 3-3 on the road, and face a pretty decent Titans pass defense.  Chris Johnson finally woke up.  Last three Titans games have all had a 23-17 score, with Titans winning two of those three and three of their last four overall.  Saints are up a couple of games on the Falcons, while the Titans could jump into the wild card race with a home win.  Munchak will run the ball against a Saints run D that can’t slow them down.  Should be close.  Prediction:  CJ runs the ball, Titans get a couple of turnovers off Brees, upset alert.  Titans 24, Saints 20.

Philadelphia Eagles +3 (4-8) at Miami Dolphins (4-8).
Two 4-8 teams.  One’s actually playing pretty solid football, one’s a fucking mess.  The fucking mess team gets Vick back, but is that really all it takes?  Maclin remains out, and the Eagles have some bad fucking mojo.  Andy Reid says that sometimes it takes a while for young teams to rebuild.  Ha, whatever, Andy.  Here are some facts about Andy you may not know:

•   Andy’s colon is the size of Willie Colon.
•   Andy pronounces it doo-oh-DEE-num.
•   Andy speaks often of the duodenum.
•   Andy has a super high-bore executive john that can take logs with a 6” diameter.
•   Once Andy used the regular shitter and the Eagles had to seal it off in concrete.
•   Andy has a handlebar assbeard.
•   It’s red.
•   There’s corn stuck to it that he can’t loofah out because he can’t reach there.

See what you fuckheads make me do?  Prediction:  Dolphins 27, Eagles 20.

New England Patriots -7.5 (9-3) at Washington Redskins (4-8).
 As if this weren’t a foregone conclusion, Skins lose OT Trent Williams and TE Fred Davis to what appears to be a suspension for weed.  I mean, you’re playing for the Redskins, so who really gives a fuck, right?  Prediction:  Patriots 27, Redskins 13.

Atlanta Falcons -3 (8-4) at Carolina Panthers (4-8).
 Falcons beat the Panthers 31-17 in October, and Panthers defense isn’t any better now.  Falcons are a bit overrated right now, but they’re still the better team.  Prediction:  Falcons 24, Panthers 20.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9).
 No line due to Freeman being questionable, but if we get Josh Johnson versus Blaine fucking Gabbert, expect the Jags to be around 1 point home dogs, and expect a feast of quarterbacking such as you have never seen.  Bucs have dropped 6 straight, Jags have fired their coach.  What a fucking mess.  Fucking hell.  Jaguars 17, Bucs 14.

San Francisco 49ers -3 (10-2) at Arizona Cardinals (5-7).
 Niners have been rolling in the chump division, and beat the Cards 23-7 at the end of November.  Cards have won 4 of 5, the SF matchup being the sole loss.  Bad news for the Cards:  2 wins against the Rams, and 2 wins against wildly uneven NFCE teams (Cowboys, Eagles).  Niners could take it easy, but that cock Harbaugh will want to run it up if he can.  Prediction:  Niners 20, Cards 14.

Chicago Bears +3.5 (7-5) at Denver Broncos (7-5).
 Tim Tebow represents all that is good and clean and wholesome and pure and God-fearin’ and flag-salutin’ and clean and squeaky and wonderful and admirable and clean and good and respectable and Disneyesque and warm and fuzzy and bursting like fireworks and singing like larks and unexpected as a lottery winning ticket and tasty as extra crispy fried chicken and as refreshing as a nice tall mug of cold beer and has that sort of Paul Bunyan swagger that sets the ladies to swoonin’ and the men to wishin’ they could be him and by crackey if you don’t like him you’re a fucking asshole, is all.

I keep betting against Tebow and the Broncos keep winning.  And that’s the basic flaw in my strategy:  I’m betting against one guy, instead of considering the team.  Look, Tebow sucks duodenum jerky, and I cannot wait to see him be utterly downstroyed.  But what John Fox has done is to put together some solid defensive play and a strong running game, which were Fox hallmarks in his time in Carolina.  For fuck’s sake, he got to the Super Bowl with Josh Delhomme.

Broncos have won 6 of 7 while Bears have dropped 2 after a 5-game winning streak.  Caleb Hanie’s completing 48.33% of his passes, while Tebow is completing 47.47% of his.  This game sets up like Jets-Broncos, which the Broncos won, but I think this time the result is reversed.  Am I betting against Tebow again?  Yes.  Prediction:  Bears 17, Broncos 13.

Oakland Raiders +11 (7-5) at Green Bay Packers (12-0).
 Without Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford, the Raiders struggled against the Dolphins defense.  If they’re back in the mix, the Raiders can cover but have about zero chance of winning.  So the question isn’t whether the Packers will get their points – they will – but rather whether the Raiders will get theirs.  Prediction:  Packers 34, Raiders 24.

Buffalo Bills +7 (5-7) at San Diego Chargers (5-7).
 Two 5-7 squads, losers of 6 of 7, neither of which can play defense, and both of which have been up and down offensively.  Chargers getting healthy on offense, but I think these teams are awfully similar.  And I do mean awfully.  Chargers are still basking in some sort of delusion that they could contend for the AFCW, prompting visions of Rivers having some redneck meltdown after some inexplicable dumbassery, and Stevie Johnson atoning for his dumbassery of last week.  Prediction:  Chargers go to sleep on Bills who pull it out at the end, Bills 31, Chargers 27.

New York Giants +3 (6-6) at Dallas Cowboys (7-5).
 Giants have dropped 4 straight while the Cowboys have won 4of their last 5.  Giants played the Packers, Saints, Eagles, and Niners, however, while the Cowboys faced Arizona, Miami, Washington, Buffalo, and Seattle.  Giants have plenty of motivation to prove they’re playing better, which they are, and to take a share of the NFCE lead.  Cowboys can’t stop shitting the bed hard.  So hard they leave chunks of sphincter on the sheets.  Prediction:  Giants 28, Cowboys 24.

St. Louis Rams (2-10) at Seattle Seahawks (5-7).
 No line here, as Bradford and AJ Feeley both may be out.  Leaving Tom Brandstater.  Rams are awful.  Seahawks are marginal, but better at home.  Seahawks can defend the run.  Marshawn Lynch should remain in beast mode.  That’s your difference.  Prediction:  Seahawks 21, Rams 6.
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Out of my mind on Saturday night...
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« Reply #2 on: Dec 07, 2011 at 20:46 »

Like the picks.  I do think Bears, without Cutler and now Forte, are toast.  On the road also.  Denver gets one more before a NE beatdown.
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« Reply #3 on: Dec 08, 2011 at 10:54 »

Like the picks.  I do think Bears, without Cutler and now Forte, are toast.  On the road also.  Denver gets one more before a NE beatdown.

It's a tough one to call.

I agree that the Bears will struggle to get into the playoffs, but if they can get Cutler and Forte back by then they have a fighter's chance.  Since at present they have Mr. Hanie and Marion Barber, the odds of getting to the playoffs seem lessened.  I think a couple of things may work in their favor.  They've had a couple of weeks to see what Hanie's about, but Forte just went out this week.  Whatever adjustments Martz and Lovie may have envisioned for Hanie probably included Forte in a central role.  So I think this week we do see (minor) improvements from Hanie.  I also think the defense is going to rattle Tebow more than people expect.  The team has to be in rally mode right now.  Even being on the road, I think the Bears are primed to pull the upset.  Also, the improvements to the Broncos D still don't mean that defense is great or anything.  They rattled some shitty offenses.  Bears have a shitty offense but a superior defense.  I'll stick with my call.

Out of my mind on Saturday night...
Finnegans Wake
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« Reply #4 on: Dec 08, 2011 at 14:00 »


1.   Green Bay Packers.  Obviously a team clicking on all cylinders.  One chink in the armor is the defense, which, while opportunistic, does allow opponents to score and to rack up yardage.  If the Packers meet a team with a defense that can keep their offensive output in the 20s, they could be upset.  Were it not for a few miscues and injuries, the Steelers could have well proven this in the last Super Bowl.
2.   Baltimore Ravens.  While I’ve discussed the possibility that the Ravens might drop a stupid game and lose control of the division race, it’s certainly not something to count on.  Ravens D is playing the most physical defense in the league, even if their offense is often pathetic.
3.   Pittsburgh Steelers.  Steelers seem to be getting ready to peak, with key players like Woodley and Sanders close to returning.  The offense seems this close to putting it all together, and if the D can avoid fourth quarter slumps, watch out.
4.   New England Patriots.  Same old story.  Explosive offense.  No defense.  That wins a lot of regular season games.
5.   New Orleans Saints.  Saints are somewhat similar to Packers, with solid offense and opportunistic defense.  But not as good on the road, and Rodgers is simply playing better than Brees right now.
6.   Houston Texans.  Rookie third string QB TJ Yates will be worth watching over the coming weeks.  Yates wasn’t even a blip on the draft boards, but he shows more ability to get the ball downfield than Leinert ever did.  If he can keep his head straight and let that defense and running game set the tone, are the Texans any worse than, say, the 49ers?  I say better, especially if Andre Johnson can get keep his hamstring healthy.  Signing Jeff Garcia was a better idea than signing Jake Delhomme.
7.   San Francisco 49ers.  Jim Harbaugh has done a hell of a job with this team.  In the Battle Royale of Cock Harbaugh Brothers, he proved that his San Fran team could hang with brother John’s Ravens, even on the road.  This is a dangerous team for the Saints or Packers to meet, although they don’t look
8.   Cincinnati Bengals.  Bengals have struggled of late, but against solid teams in the Steelers and Ravens.  I’m still impressed with how they’re playing, and rookie Dalton hasn’t fallen apart.  Bengals and Niners also very similar, but Bengals will have a tougher road if they make the AFC playoffs.
9.   New York Jets.  I’m reluctant to put the Jets in the top 10, especially since they’re on the outside looking in at the sixth AFC wild card slot.  And Sanchez is playing Tebow ball:  sucks for three quarters, clutch late.  But if the Bengals falter, I could see the Jets as the team to slowly put it together and have the kind of defense to succeed in the post-season.  Again.
10.   New York Giants.  Giants have dropped four straight, but it’s been a stretch of solid opponents.  Giants hung in against the Pack and had a questionable overturn of a TD that could have won it for them.  In a sense, similar to the Lions:  they have the DL to get after passers, but their secondary is banged up and the D unit as a whole is mediocre; the RBs are all banged up; they can go downfield and put up a lot of points, and each team has a stud WR.  Difference being, Giants have playoff experience and have won a Super Bowl.  With two head-head-to-head meetings with the idiot Cowboys, they could go from wild card hopefuls to division leaders just like that.
11.   Detroit Lions.  I still like the Lions’ chances of getting one of the wild card slots, but they’ve got to get their running game healthy, get some DBs healthy, and play smarter.  That means Suh.
12.   Dallas Cowboys.  Speaking of playing smarter…  Cowboys have the talent to be a contender in the NFC, but between Romo and Garrett, it’s hard to see them making a serious run.  Just when you think they’re starting to put it together, they have the fiasco in the desert.  Still, seeing talented guys like Dez Bryant, DeMarcus Ware, and DeMarco Murray make splash plays reminds you how potent this team should be.
13.   Atlanta Falcons.  Falcons are also in the running for a wild card spot, and also have talent on that team.  Something about them just doesn’t seem to be clicking, and I can’t put my finger on it.  Last year’s Falcons team was a cool and competent 13-3 squad, with the knock being that they weren’t explosive enough.  This year they seem to be like an engine with timing misfires.
14.   Tennessee Titans.  Titans have survived the Fisher to Munchak transition, and have shown they can hang with most teams.  Chris Johnson is finally finding his groove, and Matt Hasselbeck has been solid.  The defense features a pretty strong secondary.  But the Titans are still a notch below the AFC elite, and they could use some better receivers.
15.   Denver Broncos.  John Fox has done a great job of improving the defense and running game.  It’s hard to reconcile how bad the Broncos were earlier this year with how effective they are now, like the Dolphins.  People can love Tebow’s college ball style all they want, but I remain skeptical.  A playoff caliber team will chew him up and spit him out.
16.   Chicago Bears.  Bears were moving in the right direction, overcoming a weak OL with improved play-calling and solid contributions from Cutler and Forte.  Now the question is whether they can stagger to the finish line, and if they do, whether Cutler and Forte can come back and get things going again.  My sense is the Bears will come up just short without those two, but I expect the defense and special teams to gut out at least a couple of wins, but Caleb Hanie will have to play more like he did in the playoffs last year than how he has the past two games.
17.   Oakland Raiders.  Raiders are the Frankenstein monster of NFL teams.  Fired coach, got a new one.  Lose one of the best CBs to free agency, yet still have one of the better pass defenses.  Carousel of offensive injuries.  Starting QB goes down, backup sucks, bring in a semi-retired Palmer.  It’s almost like every week, this team is patching something else with duct tape.  If they can get back McFadden, Denarius Moore, and Jacoby Ford, they would have a very potent offense.  As noted above, time is running out.
18.   Miami Dolphins.  Earlier in the season, I compared the Dolphins to the Chargers, saying they were very similar in many respects.  Seems like the 4-8 Dolphins are actually better than the 5-7 Chargers right now.  But before we go overboard with how well Miami is playing, or how well Matt Moore is doing at QB, just take a deep breath and remember that they’re basically a middle-of-the-league team.  18 is about right for them, but it is amazing how far they’ve come.  It will be interesting to see what the inevitable new coach will do with this squad.
19.   Buffalo Bills.  The Bills were an interesting early season story, and everyone loved seeing them beat the fucking Patriots.  But their collapse is nearly complete now, not because they don’t have the talent to be a wild card team, but due to injuries.  RB Fred Jackson, NT Kyle Williams, and C Eric Wood were much of the reason the Bills started the season so strongly.  Could still play the spoiler to some team.
20.   Seattle Seahawks.  Seahawks have two things going for them:  a pretty stout run defense, and RB Marshawn Lynch playing out of his motherfucking mind.  There’s some framework of talent in the secondary, but the QB position and receiver squad need upgraded badly.
21.   San Diego Chargers.  Down in flames.  NOW you see why I was bitching that the Chargers were grossly over-rated all these years.  Part of it was that they racked up easy defensive yardage stats in the offensive vacuum of the AFCW, and part of it was that they had a pretty zippy offense.  That offense is getting healthy again, but they’re not the team they were with LT in his prime, and Rivers has looked positively Romo-esque.
22.   Carolina Panthers.  Cam Newton, Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams, Jon Stewart.  Those guys have made the Panthers a team you can’t sleep on, and Newton in particular promises a bright future.  But beyond these guys, what ya got?  Nothing on defense, apparently.
23.   Arizona Cardinals.  Cardinals have made some modest gains on defense of late, and the upset of the Cowboys is a bright spot in an otherwise down year.  Kolb has a lot to prove as he finishes out the season.  Interesting to note the drastic decline of the Cardinals versus the relatively even keel development of the Steelers since the two teams met in the Super Bowl.
24.   Philadelphia Eagles.  A team with plenty of offensive weapons, a stable of the top CBs, and a team I have absolutely no faith in.  Vick’s been figured out.  The defense has fallen off a cliff since Jim Johnson passed away.  The DC should be fired.  The Eagles are like dangerous fireworks, you never know if you’ll get a nice aerial show, a bad misfire, or a dud.
25.   Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Jags defense is wearing down, leaving Maurice Jones-Drew about the only bright spot.  The firing of Del Rio is several years too late.  Drafting QB Blaine Gabbert was a mistake.  It’s going to take a lot to turn this team around.
26.   Washington Redskins.  Shanahan’s conceit that he could turn Grossman into a solid QB backfired.  His asinine games with the RB rotation are grating and counter-productive.  This week, two players get suspended for what is apparently a pot test.  Is this a professional football team?  Really?  At least they came out of the gates somewhat strong.
27.   Kansas City Chiefs.  Chiefs can’t catch a break with QB injuries to Cassell and now newly-signed Orton.  This team started the season as possibly the worst team in the NFL, but their defense has some bright spots, and could emerge as a team to watch next year if they can load up on a few receivers. 
28.   Cleveland Browns.  Solid pass D and a grind ‘em out running game.  McCoy’s regressed, the OL’s regressed, the run stop unit can’t stop the run, and these guys are losing a lot of games.  In other words, the Browns just keep on bein’ the Browns.
29.   Minnesota Vikings.  The vaunted Vikings D has fallen apart, particularly in the secondary.  On offense, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin are about the only sparks, although Christian Ponder has shown some potential.  A team that’s playing better than its record, but not by much.
30.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Wow, you want to talk about teams that went off a cliff?  Bucs are in full Thelma and Louise.  They’re just awful in about every phase of the game. 
31.   St. Louis Rams.  Speaking of awful.
32.   Indianapolis Colts.  And awful-er.

Out of my mind on Saturday night...
Finnegans Wake
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« Reply #5 on: Dec 10, 2011 at 08:54 »

Oakland Raiders +11 (7-5) at Green Bay Packers (12-0).  Without Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford, the Raiders struggled against the Dolphins defense.  If they’re back in the mix, the Raiders can cover but have about zero chance of winning.  So the question isn’t whether the Packers will get their points – they will – but rather whether the Raiders will get theirs.  Prediction:  Packers 34, Raiders 24.

Moore, Ford, and McFadden ruled out.

Packers cover, 34-14.

Out of my mind on Saturday night...
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