Everyone pony up 37 1/2 Cents

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Winner takes all.  Who do we pick??  I am going with: Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler

Mark Barron is the pick here.

Quote from: pensodyssey on Apr 24, 2012 at 11:43

Mark Barron is the pick here.

That would be the ideal pick, however he will not be there at 24.

I'll put in 75 cents and the Steelers will choose Cordy Glenn or Stephen Hill

Reaching on Hill, but better than giving the vanilla pick - Poe or Hightower

I'd be OK with Hightower.

Finnegans Wake:
I don't think Barron gets past the Cowboys.  Kuechly and DeCastro would be worth trade-ups, but won't fall far enough IMO.  The mock sights seem locked into Hightower, but something doesn't feel right about that.  Poe could fall, but I think someone takes a shot at him before 1.24.  JMO, I don't think Cordy Glenn or Zeitler are on their 1(c) board.

Won't take a R1 RB.  Won't take a R1 QB.  Probably won't take a WR, but it is possible, with Wallace conditionally on a 1-2 year deal.  TE in Fleener if they like him enough.  OL is a strong possibility.  They've been looking at DE and OLB again, which begs the question of when these guys would ever start. 

Assuming Barron, Kuechly, DeCastro and Poe are off, and no draft trade of Wallace occurs, I think they may go off the radar a bit.  They loved Mike Adams, according to Tony Pauline, and have met with Jonathan Martin (not one of the 30, though), and they got hit hard with the injuries to OTs last year.  Starks is a big ? to return here, Colon is coming off injury again, and everyone outside of Gilbert is pure dogshit.  Kugler is screaming, and Haley has to be too, so a RT at 1.24 could solve some issues, whether he kicks inside for a season to OG or Colon finally does.  That means my dark horse prediction is OT Bobby Massie, Ole Miss.  After that, I'd say my best guess would be the chalk with Hightower, the big RZ target and size/speed guy who can line up with the young money crew, Fleener.  Nick Perry looks like a nice bookend to Woodley and would need a year or so to learn the spot, so he's a dark horse for me.

In fact, if Tannehill falls and we can trade down, we might still get Massie.


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