Chelsea wins Europe


Congrats, sfinco. 

Best news of all is no Spurs in Europe next year.

It was the 'roids.

What a game!..I can't stand penalties... Probably Chelsea's weakest team in years and they win.... Didier Drogba is a legend.

Ya, hear you 'bout Spurs Penso. Freidel looked gutted at the end.

First London team to raise the European Cup.


Congratulations to CFC.

Not the worst thing in the world only because it was a spectacularly entertaining showing by Drogba, I got to see (that egregiously flamboyant flopper) Arjen Robben fail even more spectacularly, and best of all was that scumbag John Terry had nothing to do with Chelsea's greatest triumph ever.

Tottenham was overrated all year. They've spent and basically got anyone theyve wanted yet still never win the big matches needed to be considered a legit title threat.

As a United fan I am certainly hoping Drogba moves on and out of the EPL. Have always had a lot of respect for him. Cahill was a smart signing and showed he's better than John Terry after about two matches.

Cant wait to watch that racist, excuse-making, sellout, cheap-shotting, wife-stealing buffoon ruin England's Euro campaign. Go everyone but England. Should've been Rio.

 Spurs will probably lose Modric, and maybe Bale... Oh well, come to West London Luka.

I didn't want to see Robben leave Chelsea when he did because he is a very good winger, but he has/had injury issues. Way to young to lose his hair too.

Cahill was a good signing, especially since Alex was let go in January. He played well, as did Luiz. But Cole was the glue of the back four on Saturday. He did have some help from Bertrand on the left, but was covering a lot of ground.

I definitely hope they give Didier the 2 year deal he is looking for. Has been a great player for Chelsea. Big game goal scorer.

Should be an interesting EPL season. City will spend big. United will look to get better. The Gunners will look to improve somehow ( sorry Penso). And will CL football next year, Chelsea wil spend as well.

It's going to be all about the Spanish and the Dutch at Euro's... Eff them both


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