Staal traded.

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Kind of an end of an era. Here's looking forward to the first time Crosby knocks him on his ass.

I loved the move.  Freed up a ton of cap space.  Sent a quality player stuck on the 3rd line to play with his brother.  We got a decent return.  And now Shero can focus on Parise.   ;)

Quote from: P4P on Jun 23, 2012 at 02:18

  And now Shero can focus on Parise.   ;)

I wish.

And farewell to Zbynek Michalek.  I always liked Michalek, I guess no one wants any part of Martin.

Absolutely terrible trade of Staal. If he wanted to play with his brother so badly Shero shouldve given up a first-rounder, a no-name prospect and a third liner for Eric Staal. Hey, that sounds nuts but Jordan went for that insane price and he is better than his brother. A badass cup-winning perpetual Selk candidate in his prime for teenagers and a coward who turned his back on America for Canada.

They better get Parise and Yandle. Or Nash. Only way to salvage this mess.


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