Crosby extended.


12 years/104 mil, according to the worldwide bleater.

Mixed feelings, of course.  IIRC, it doesn't really increase his cap hit much from the last few years.  I just hope we get 12 more seasons out of him; seems a bit ambitious given his recent history.

Love to know what others think.

The cap hit is exactly the same as it has been, 8.7 million i think.  They technically frontload the contract but the cap hit is the average per year no matter what.

I'm on board with it. Obviously there is alot of risk involved with his health, but being that the max contract is 14 million per year, and he took about 60 percent of that, you have to love the deal. I mean, there has to be alot of teams out there that would pay him close to the max, and he took a major discount to field a competitive team. If they can somehow convince Geno to take the same deal. And get letang at around 7 per.  Fucking tits.

The best part about this is I think it makes the Parise rumors real.  Hell, with the cap jumping to 70 million, Suter may even be a possibility.  Or just give me a sign and trade of Bobby Ryan and sign Yandle.

They can always shed Martin's or Orpiks contract if they can grab one of those two defenseman.  I think the reason they haven't been moved yet is Shero doesn't want to go into the season with only 1 of his top four defenseman. Believe it or not, there is interest in Martin out there.

Should make for a very interesting July 1 for sure.  I predict Parise will sign.


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