Get out of your comfort zone much?

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I generally don't.  But you know, life is short.  I'm considering enrolling in an improvisational comedy class at a small comedy club downtown.  The thought is sort of terrifying but I really want to do it.  It's 3 hrs on a Sat afternoon for 7 weeks.  Then there's a group performance for friends and family.  You can take more courses, there's a comedy writing course, lots of stuff.  But you know, even typing this is helping to visualize at least filling out the registration form.  Beyond that, I can't even conceive collaborating with a group of people and performing improvisational anything.

So, why not?  Will keep you informed.

This board has been improvised collaborational comedy gold for 10 years or so.

Finnegans Wake:
Go for it, bonzr.  Maybe someday you can open up for the Manchurian Wizards of Whateverthefuck or whoever it is you blabber about.

Quote from: pensodyssey on Aug 17, 2012 at 17:16

This board has been improvised collaborational comedy gold for 10 years or so.

Seriously, if we could get some of the folks from this board to do improv sketches...  FFS, it'd have to be better than the lameastic shit SNL's been 'gurging since Reagan was prez.

But no cuss words.

Thanks guys, I'm gonna do it.  Mrs. Jonzr thinks it's a good idea too - gets me out of her hair on a Sat afternoon.  We're going to the club tonight to check it out, they do a group improv set at 9:00 and another at 10:45.  Being old we'll hit the early one.  It's a hole-in-the-wall down in Deep Ellum so it has potential imo, not a national chain like the Improv.

Finnegans Wake:
You're not old until I tell you you're old, you fucking cunt.  Get out there and eat fire.  You've been putting odiots in their place now for a decade, on ESPN and MGS boards, you can flamethrow any random assery.  Just pretend they're the slightly drunk Y2J and you want to keep Y2J happy-ish.  Flame nicely.  Rest in your zone of wisdom.  Be the head on the pillow.  Be left nut fast.


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