Any chance they'll go Safety in R1?


Kenny Vaccaro
Scouts Grade 90
6'0½", 210 lbs
Overall rank 24
Position rank 1


Overall Traits
Production:  2
2009: (13/0) - 18 tackles; 2010: (12/6) - 54-7-1; 2011: (13/13) - 71-8-2; Career: (2009-'11) - 9.5 TFL, 2 sacks, 2 FF, 2 Blocked Kicks.

Height-Weight-Speed   2
Possesses above-average measureables and estimated top-end speed is good.

Durability:  1
Durability does not appear to be an issue as he has appeared in 38 career games entering his senior season and has suffered no significant injuries that we are currently aware of.

Intangibles:  3
Active member in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Continues to mature as career progresses. He was arrested and charged with for misdemeanor assault after being involved in a fight with another student during a pick-up basketball game at a campus gymnasium.

Safety Specific Traits
Instincts/Recognition:  2
Overall instincts and diagnostic skill are strong. Shows good awareness when aligned in the back end as the last line of defense. Reads quarterbacks eyes well and flashes anticipation to get a quick break on the ball. Shows good discipline and is rarely caught out of position working against play action. When aligned in the slot as a NB he shows the ability to read and jump underneath routes. Brings physical element to his game and plays with a lot of confidence.

Cover Skills:  1
Possesses rare movement skills for the position. He is a quick-twitched athlete that shows good balance and explosive movements. Maintains good leverage in backpedal and can instantly plant and drive. Also is loose in the hips and changes directions instantly. Can flip hips and turn and run with receivers down field. Closes quickly and shows an extra gear which provides him with solid range. Can handle middle of the field responsibilities as well as drop down into the slot and hold up against TEs and slot-receivers.

Ball Skills:  2
Possesses very good but not elite ball skills. Instincts and range provide him with a lot of upside as a play maker in coverage. Closes quickly, takes quality angles to the point and is aggressive going up and playing the ball. Can high point to separate the ball from the receivers. Shows natural hands to pull in most throws he can get both hands on. Flashes ability to turn, located and play the ball when back is initially to the quarterback.

Run Support:  3
Aggressive and willing in this area. Closes instantly when breaking forward. Generally a sound tackler that does a nice job of wrapping up. Also flashes ability to bring hips and strike on ball carriers. Only concern at this point is that he can have some inconsistent angles in pursuit. Closing burst allows him to get away with poor angles at the collegiate level but must continue to improve to become a more consistent tackler at the next level.

Finnegans Wake:
By the way, Kenny is Brenda Vaccaro's grandson.

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