How about a Cornerback?

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Johnthan Banks
Miss. St
Scouts Grade 88
6'2?", 185 lbs
Overall rank 31
Position rank 2


Overall Traits
Production:  1
2009: (12/7) - 33-3-4 at DS; 2010: (13/12) - 54-5-2 at DC; 2011: (13/13) - 71-4-5; Career: PRs - 16-166-1.

Height-Weight-Speed:  2
Is tall with adequate bulk and long arms. Appears on tape to have adequate but not great straight-line speed.

Durability:  1
Has played in all 38 games during first three seasons at Mississippi State (2009-11).

Intangibles:  2
No off the field issues to our knowledge. Has proven to be a versatile player with experience at cornerback, safety and on special teams, including role as punt return specialist. Has a one-year old son named Keidan with his girlfriend. Grandson of Mrs. Maggie Banks.

Cornerback Specific Traits
Instincts/Recognition:  2
Confident, competitive and experienced cornerback who continues to improve his recognition skills. Displays natural instincts as a football player. Is crafty and shows good situational awareness. Can be a quarter-count late diagnosing quick-hitting routes (slants, outs, etc.) when playing off the line. But does a very nice job of transitioning eyes from WR to QB when working in zone (see: INT vs. LSU 2011). Diagnoses run quickly without getting caught peeking in backfield. Shows good instincts when turned loose on the blitz, which occurs frequently (four 2011 tapes studied).

Cover Skills:  3
Has quick feet but is a bit high cut and lacks ideal change of direction skills. Has some trouble versus smaller, quicker WRs (ie Arkansas' Jarius Wright). However, he has the length to matchup well versus bigger WRs (ie LSU's Rueben Randle). Seems to be at his best in press-man coverage. Is learning how to properly use his hands to jab and reroute WRs at the line. Is aggressive and physical. Does a nice job with his feet and does not swing open the gate prematurely. Lacks explosive burst out of his pedal and teams will attack him with quick-hitters when they anticipate him giving a cushion.

Ball Skills:  2
Has been an above average ballhawk throughout his career. Has returned three of 12 career punt returns for TDs. Is aggressive and attacks the ball like a WR. Does not appear to have great leaping ability but has long arms and has proven capable of catching ball over head.

Run Support:  1
Aggressive cornerback. Not at all afraid to mix it up physically. Flies around the field and will sacrifice his body to get in on the play. Needs to be more consistent with hand usage and continue to improve upper body strength to disengage quicker. But he is willing and active in support. Does a nice job with outside leverage. Not afraid to mix it up near the line of scrimmage. Has experience at DS and has worked as an eight defender in the box. Also shows very good awareness when turned loose off the edge as a blitzer. Has a tendency to wrap up a bit high but does a better job than most college CBs of finishing tackles. Looks to strip the ball when possible and has flashed effectiveness in that area.


Grandson of Mrs. Maggie Banks.

That's all you need to know, right there.

I don't grasp the meaning.

Finnegans Wake:
Quote from: jonzr on Nov 16, 2012 at 15:13

I don't grasp the meaning.

Maggie Banks.   It's Maggie fuckin' BANKS, jonzr, what the fuck do you not get about this?  I mean, what is there not to get?  Penso's whole point is that... I mean, seriously, jonzr, what the fuck?  Sometimes I don't know if you're playing stupid or... It's Maggie... BANKS...  He's her GRANDSON...  She had a KID... the KID had a KID... that KID was this kid.  Are we grasping the whole generational fucking notion now?  K?  Grandma?  Bun in the hair, cookies in the oven, crappy fucking sweaters for Christmas... ringin' any fucking bells for ya, j?  Seriously?  You need more?

It's Maggie fucking Banks's GRANDSON!  Now shut the fuck up!

I mean really, jonzr.  No wonder your fantasy team finishes last every year.  You don't even know who the fucking grandparents of your players are.  Pop quiz, hotshot.  Who is Robert Griffin's grandmother?  I'll give you a second to think about.  K, times up.  Mrs. GRIFFIN, that's who!  Gah.


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