Marcus Lattimore


Finnegans Wake:
Most pundits believe Lattimore is a first round talent, and at 6'0" 225#, he has the size and ability to be a workhorse back - if he can stay healthy.  With advances in medicine and Lattimore's history of quick healing, most pundits think he will be taken by a team in R2-3, whether he can contribute in 2013 or not.  He may not be running by the time of the scouting combine, but the chance to get a first round talent may drive his stock up.

So, when would you draft him, assuming the timetable for his return could be difficult to predict?

My initial thought before he declared was late rounder and IR for a year.  Moved up to round 3 only because Steelers traditionally more miss than hit in rounds 2-4, so probably wouldn't lose much there.

I think round 2 talk is early smokescreen to get someone to bite early.  One knee injury, fine.  Two, with second worse than first?  Gives me pause.

You guys know that I'm now draft guru. But I've watched this guy since HS, and actually had a chance to interview him (kind of). Think I can weigh in a bit here:

The kid is as solid, character-wise, as they come. Assuming that holds to form, he would be worth a roll of the dice.

Both knee injuries were freak accidents where he was hit in bizarre ways. Not like he was running down the field and something just snapped. His parents intended for him to stay in school all four years until this happened, and I'm glad they relented on that. Not a thing more that he can really do on the college level.

He's the definition of the "downhill" runner. Looks like there's nothing and next thing you see he's falling forward for 10 yards. Excellent catching the ball out of the backfield. He is unbelievable dull as a runner, although he has better speed than it appears. He just bludgeons people into submission. He seems to frustrate defenses because he's so methodical and yet seems unstoppable.

I wouldn't mind seeing Colbert and Co. take a flyer on him in or after R3.

I'm with Preach on this one. Have watched videos that show his tremendous character, as well as watched his game film.
Crazy talented.
Seriously think he could be worth the risk.

Whether we'll take it or not....we shall see.

This draft looks crazy to me.
Teo was someone I coveted, but not after last night.


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