The Sword @ Trees in Deep Ellum, Dallas


It was The Metal.  Ah yes, a good ol', throwback-to-the-80's-style heavy metal band.  Minus the hairspray and spandex, mind you, this night was about the sound.  And Toys for Tots.  There were quite a few Marines in their dress uniforms.  They collected toys and donations, then watched the shows.

BTW, some random guy handed me a free ticket!  Thanks, random guy!

I missed the local opening band, Maleveller, simply couldn't get downtown soon enough.  The first act I saw was American Sharks, they were a blast.  They're a 3 piece act from Austin, TX and I bet they go places, at least in the metal community - you'll never hear them on the radio.  The vocalist was a funny, talkative guy and the crowd loved him.  Fun, rocking band.

Next up was Gypsy Hawk, hailing from Pasadena. They were pros and played a good set.  Nothing special.  The thing that stood out most?  Their drummer had an Animal stuffed toy strapped to his kit.  He closely resembled the toy.

The Sword straight-up rocked the joint.  These guys were no-nonsense, they came to play.  I got sucked/shoved into the pit up front and managed to hang for about 30 minutes.  But it got old and I couldn't take pics, obviously.  I eventually moved back and got a soda.  The pit was fun though, I'll have to admit, wouldn't want to spend a whole show down there.  But I do prefer to be up close, it's a more immersive  experience.  A red line is telling me that "immersive" is not a word.  Well, it should be.

Oh yeah, the singer for American Sharks took a crowd shot.  There I am ...


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